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The Kreativ Dental Clinic in Hungary is one of Europe`s premier dental establishments which uses the most up-to-date Dental Technology. It`s UK division, Kreativ Dental UK, has been established to promote the Budapest clinic and to offer its low-cost adv

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"Simply the Best" by Trish
Submitted on: 9 Mar 2017

Scaredy cat faces up to massive dental work and ends up with a smile much younger than me. Could not fault the treatment received. From
initial consultation to final visit, I was shown empathy, patie ...

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"Very Very good... and nice and friendly with it." by ChrisJones74
Submitted on: 5 Jul 2016

Very nice and helpful, knew exactly what they were doing and happy to explain it to you. no pressure, and simple and easy to understand
treatment plans. I by comparison to some of the other patent ...

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"Loved it!!" by Manu
Submitted on: 21 Jun 2016

One of the best experience of my life, loved it!! ...

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"One very satisfied customer" by Ali D
Submitted on: 25 May 2016

I have been really impressed with the dental work performed by Kreativ, and in particular, the customer service I received throughout my
treatment, which spanned a five month period. The two implan ...

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"very professional " by joycie
Submitted on: 3 Apr 2016

I have just got back from kreativ dental in Budapest. My permanent bridge and porcelain crowns are far better than having to wear a
plate in your mouth.. However i liked my old bridge and crowns be ...

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"I could not be happier..." by Sarah
Submitted on: 9 Mar 2016

I needed a whole mouth overhaul. I had no back teeth for chewing due to grinding and therefore my front teeth were degrading also. I
found Kreativ online and started treatment immediately after my co ...

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"Kreativ Dental Clinic Budapest" by Graham- Dublin
Submitted on: 29 Feb 2016

What a FAB " Journey " to Kreativ Dental in Budapest - I have just returned to Dublin - having completed my "Fabulous New Smile -" ( 20
teeth replaced with Top Quality Poscelain Crowns ,Super Bridgew ...

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"super clinic" by Erik
Submitted on: 18 Feb 2016

In April 2015 i went to Budapest for a consultation and treatmentplan. I knew my treatment would be expensive. My contact was Annelies
who took care of everything from The Netherlands in a pleasant a ...

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"Kreative Dental Clinic Budapest - Superb" by dpz
Submitted on: 10 Feb 2016

This clinic and all the staff are superb. I've been to both NHS & some very expensive private dentists in the UK. None of them can hold
a candle to the diagnosis and treatment Kreativ offer. In fact ...

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"Kreativ Dental - Another Successful Visit" by Ren
Submitted on: 7 Feb 2016

I have only praise for the Kreativ Dental Team. I have now had three visits to Kreativ for implants, a tooth extraction and caps. With
transport to and from the airport and hotel accommodation organi ...

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