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Infertility Clinic, Spain

At IVF-Spain,everything is geared towards the patient. It is the patient that is given the most attention. The treatment plan is adapted to the patient's personal needs and the patient is spoken to in his/her own language. The clinic is not only centered on the international egg donation programme but also in special IVF cases as in recurrent miscarriages, implantation failures and genetic diseases.

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"Pregnant! After all those years... " by K.C.
Submitted on: 12 Aug 2013

Mrs C. ´You are pregnant´ After years of treatment (10 ivf and 3 eggdonation attempts), negative news and every time those big
disappointments, we got to hear these beautiful words! It sounded as m ...

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"Lovely profesional team" by Ingrid
Submitted on: 12 Aug 2013

We got referred by a friend of us, who already has had a treatment at IVF Spain and she so excited about the clinic that we decided to
go there as well for a first visit. Although she told us already ...

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