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Medical Travel Agency, Belgium

Professional Beauty provides high quality cosmetic surgery, dentistry and hair transplant surgery in Poland including facelifts, browlifts, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), ear and eye surgery, laser treatments, tummy-tuck, breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast uplift and liposuction. Composite and porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants and laser tooth whitening. Professional Beauty also arrange gastric band and gastric bypass surgery in Brussels, Belgium.

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"My Breast Reduction" by Flip Flop Flo
Submitted on: 24 Aug 2017

Travelled to Poland from Glasgow, stayed in the Royal Apartments for the second time, they are perfect and have everything you need. Had
my surgery with Adam, he is very proffesional and explained ev ...

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"face and neck lift" by Yorkshire Lass
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

The clinic is extremely clean and all the staff are friendly and helpful. Communication has not been a problem as most speak fairly good
English. Marta is so patient and explains everything clearly a ...

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"mole removal x3 from face" by Debs
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

Fantastic experience all round. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of NOA Clinic and the attitude of the staff. The
clinic itself is immaculate and its run like clockwork. No negativ ...

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"Was Good" by Mary Queen of Scots
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

clinic excellent Adam + staff very good I like Poland. Accommodation good, travel taxi good, Ryanair would prefer morning flights ...

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"Thigh Lift" by smw
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

Marta has been great throughout. Marta talked me through surgery and achievable results. I found Marta very professional throughout.
This is my second surgery with Marta, I will be seeing her for any ...

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"Chest surgery in Poland" by M14
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

I had already read many good reviews regarding the clinic, and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with the positive reception of this
clinic. Firstly, the surgeons are excellent. I was having the s ...

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"my surgery" by Erin
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

I would highly reccomend Adam and his team. The clinic is spotless and the staff impeccable. My only quarm would be the clinic
apartments. They are very basic. The rooms could do with a rethink i.e. ...

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"polish surgery" by Joan
Submitted on: 19 Aug 2017

clinic very clean, staff spoke English and were all very pleasant. Marta performed my surgery, she explained everything really well,
aftercare was very good. Stayed in the clinic apartment. Very basi ...

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"Dr wojciech" by maria
Submitted on: 22 Jun 2017

My experience was a really good one, I had an arm lift and Lipo suction on my arms. Dr wojciech was really good explaining everything
he was going to do. My surgery went well and my care after was e ...

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"Best thing i ever done" by jtothem
Submitted on: 18 Jun 2017

After a good bit of research about tummy tucks and seeing a consultant in the uk I opted to go abroad for it as I felt much more
confident this would benefit me more....and how right I was. This is ...

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