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PRAGA MEDICA, with their excellent knowledge of Czech medical and tourist services, is experienced in providing all necessary services for the medical tourist. Using their comprehensive database of time-tested doctors and medical institutions, their goal is to deliver the best service at the best price.

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"Recommend without Hesitation" by Hazelnut
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2017

Everything was excellent - so good my Boyfriend is going to have it done next year, so we will be back. ...

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"Amazing Service " by Ted the Happy New Yorker
Submitted on: 12 Dec 2016

From the initial engagement to post op, Excellent and outstanding service. I would recommend Praga Medica Dental group 200%. Thank you
to the entire team ...

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"Above and beyond my expectations" by Sergei Devine
Submitted on: 2 Dec 2016

I visited Prague for dental treatment in October 2016. I live in Boston and the dental insurance I have from my employer has pretty
high deductible. When my local dentist gave me a quote for the c ...

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"Mr Richard Dunn" by Richard
Submitted on: 25 Nov 2016

Everything fine, good communication, do think the changing facilities at clinic could be improved. ...

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"Richard Dunn" by Richard
Submitted on: 31 Oct 2016

Everything the clinic said was correct, no problems, good communications, operations look like a success although it is early days.
Perhaps the changing area prior to the operation could be improved ...

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"Cataract Surgery" by Ken
Submitted on: 13 Oct 2016

I had cataract on both eyes which needed to be removed and had been on a waiting list in Ireland since 2014 . As there was no sign that
I would have the surgery in Ireland in the near future I search ...

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"Miss" by Dena
Submitted on: 10 Sep 2016

I strongly recommend Praga Medica clinic at Czeck Republick .Dr Daniel Alexander and Blanka are not just lovely people ,they work very
professional and support any patience needs . I have my first ...

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"LASER EYE SURGERY" by Andrew Harland
Submitted on: 31 Jul 2016

Praga Medical provide a First Class Treatment. I am extremely impressed with the clinic, doctor's and staff. The clinic was helpful in
arranging the accommodation and airport transfers and had a loc ...

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"Great Service from Praga Medica" by Ian
Submitted on: 18 Jul 2016

When it became clear (or unclear!) that I needed cataract surgery, initial enquiries indicated that I was quite a few years away from
reaching the NHS's criteria for acceptance. Road signs were becom ...

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"Lens surgery" by Mary A.
Submitted on: 21 Jun 2016

Would absolutely recommend Praga Medica as a great clinic to get lens surgery done. A very professional approach to all aspects of
treatment and care. I would give them 100% mark. The operation ha ...

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