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SurgeryInFrance provides unbiased information and comprehensive assistance in researching and undergoing private medical treatment in France. Armed with valuable "insider information" and the support of their medical director, you can make a truly informed choice amongst a tailored selection of expe

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"Elizabeth Higginson" by Liz
Submitted on: 20 Sep 2017

I emailed Surgery in France when I realised a long wait was unavoidable in the UK. Laurent Locke contacted me, giving detailed
information of the surgery available, the clinic in Toulon and a questio ...

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"First Class in every way" by KirstyKHT
Submitted on: 19 Jul 2017

First class service from intial contact to flight home after surgery. Laurent Locke very efficient and organised . French healthcare far
superior to the Uk . Blood tests , results X-rays and appointm ...

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"Excellent service" by Loubird
Submitted on: 30 May 2017

I recently had a hip replacement using the services of Surgery in France - I really cannot praise them enough. From the time Laurent
Locke met me at Nice Airport to the time I left, he was the epito ...

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"Excellent choice" by Barash
Submitted on: 7 Apr 2017

Faced with the prospect of waiting nine months just to see a consultant, and in a great deal of pain, I was pretty desperate. Because
both hips needed replacing, private UK treatment was way above wh ...

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Submitted on: 29 Mar 2017

My operation was hugely successful - I work as mountain trekking guide in the Alps and had missed two seasons due to knee pain, which
was giving me complete agony - either stopping me sleep or waki ...

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"Total Satisfaction !" by Rocky
Submitted on: 27 Mar 2017

After months of increasing pain in my left hip and twelve weeks of physiotherapy I had come to a dead end as far as further treatment
within the NHS was concerned . A chance meeting with a friend , a ...

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"Amazing recovery" by Mike
Submitted on: 22 Mar 2017

My hip had been giving me trouble for years and was progressively getting worse. When I was working in Belgium my doctor advised me to
have the replacement operation but due to my work I just couldn' ...

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"Brilliant SurgeryInFrance! " by Janet
Submitted on: 14 Mar 2017

After much research, I decided the "anterior approach " total hip replacement was what I wanted. It is a much less invasive operation,
and the recovery time consequently much quicker. It seems to be ...

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"Outstanding service" by Tuds
Submitted on: 11 Feb 2016

Anyone faced with a major operation will be plagued with fear and doubts, SurgeryinFrance and in particular Laurent went out of his way
to allay those fears and make the experience as stress free and ...

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"Surgery in France highly recommended" by Veronica A
Submitted on: 10 Nov 2015

I chose France for my total hip replacement because of the large number of operations that are performed there. I chose Surgery in
France because they offered a reasonable and comprehensive package ...

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