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"Mrs" by EM
Submitted on: 5 Mar 2017

I travelled to India with my husband for meningioma treatment with the facilitation of Indicure. I found Indicure to me most helpful to
us. They got us the best doctors to review his case, their quot ...

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"Very pleased" by David
Submitted on: 20 Jan 2017

I had a double knee replacement at Columbia Asia, walking after 3 days, now 99% walking good, playing golf again for the first time
after 10 years. England and Thailand hospitals would only do my kne ...

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"I loved my experience there " by A.J
Submitted on: 29 Dec 2016

I loved my experience there, I felt that I was in the middle of my family, the people from the surgeon, the contact person in Indicure,
the staff in the hospital were too lovely and treated me profes ...

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"Jaymini" by Jaymini
Submitted on: 14 Dec 2016

Absolutely first class service from beginning to end. Hospital was so modern and very clean, beyond my expectation. Hospital staff
were friendly and professional. Doctors were so professional an ...

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"Highly recommended " by Sokabo P
Submitted on: 2 Aug 2016

I followed my gut instinct by deciding to to have my surgery in India. People kept asking,'why India's? I just felt more confident
that I am going to do it. After talking to Dr Ruchika I relaxe ...

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"Very satisfied and recommend. " by DxbBra34
Submitted on: 31 May 2016

Years ago I did bariatric surgery and had a huge weight loss after that. Knowing that in order to have better results of it, I should do
a plastic surgery to remove the excess of skin, especially the ...

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"New me " by Newcastle upon Tyne
Submitted on: 17 Dec 2015

I am so greatful to Dr Ruchika and her team for their support and timely response to all my questions . Secondly, I had the most amazing
surgeon Dr Jaganathan . He was very friendly and had a good be ...

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"Thoroughly recommend" by Now beautiful
Submitted on: 9 May 2015

Indicure are fantastic. Surgery is a scary deal, especially in a foreign country and being by yourself. However, Indicure laid all fears
to rest. Dr. Ruchika answered all questions (and I had loads!) ...

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"Indicure was excellent" by Bradley
Submitted on: 7 May 2015

I had my surgery the beginning of March of 2015. It has been two months now and l have already lost 50 pounds (22 kilos). l feel
excellent and blood work are all back to within normal range when th ...

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"Surgery through Indicure" by Chleopetra
Submitted on: 2 Mar 2015

the treatment was outstanding, the nurses and drs are all very professional, i loved the treatment there, I'm looking forward for more
treatments in the near future and I'm am Hell sure of making my ...

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