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Cancer Clinic, Germany

Cyberknife Center Hamburg is a multi-physician cancer treatment practice, specialised in targeted radiation therapy. Their network of centres provides the most advanced spectrum of cancer treatments options in a patient-centred environment that is designed to give them every advantage in their fight against cancer.

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"Outstanding care" by guernseypeter
Submitted on: 23 Jan 2017

I visited Strahlenzentrum Hamburg in January, April and September 2016 for treatment for Dupuytren on both hands.On the first visit we
decided to treat only the right hand because the illness did not ...

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"Duyputrens Radiotherapy treatment" by David B
Submitted on: 19 Oct 2016

Very modern clinic with state-of-the-art equipment. Friendly helpful staff. Good value in comparison to cost of similar treatment in
the UK. Expert diagnosis by Professor Seegenschmiedt, one of t ...

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"Radiation Therapy for Dupuytren's Disease" by Radiation Therapy for Dupuytren's Disease
Submitted on: 29 Jul 2016

Two sessions of five days each. The first session was in April 2016. The second session was in July 2016. I've noticed a softening of
nodules after the first session. I've just finished the secon ...

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"Dupuytren's World Authority and Best Care and Service" by Roger
Submitted on: 17 Jun 2016

Over the past five years, my wife and I have had a few trips to Hamburg for Dupuytren's and Ledderhose. The results have always been
wonderful. Professor Seegenschmiedt and his clinic staff have al ...

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"Duyputren's treatment" by Rick
Submitted on: 31 May 2016

Have just returned from second session of treatment on my right hand, the clinic and all staff are very efficient and helpful. If the
end result prevents the need for operation in the future I will b ...

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"I have my life back" by Louise
Submitted on: 9 May 2016

I was diagnosed with Dupuytrens in both hands and Ledderhose Disease in both feet. The pain in my right foot was changing my life --
interfering with everyday activities and my professional duties. ...

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"Good contact and follow up" by Steve Moscow/Cannes
Submitted on: 9 May 2016

After treatment on right hand in 2014, I returned this year to treat fingers in right hand and also left hand. The ladies at the desk
are all very competent and communicative and also fun. Dr Seegen ...

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"Still hopeful" by Birthe
Submitted on: 29 Apr 2016

Even though this rating site does not fully reflect the actual circumstances of my treatment, as the outcome will only show over the
next few years, I am very pleased with the clinic, its staff and t ...

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"Duputrens Radiation Therapy" by Morag
Submitted on: 12 Mar 2016

Having researched various Dupuytrens sites and YouTube videos I initially contacted Strahlenzentrum by email for a consultation. Prof.
Seegenschmiedt was informative and prompt in his replies. Having ...

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"Excellent Facility & Care" by Pat Mc
Submitted on: 7 Mar 2016

I am a 52 y.o male who has famil history with Dupuytrens. I have nodules in both hands, but larger ones, growing more rapidly, and
several chords developing in my left hand. I have just attended T ...

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