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Form clinic is a renowned clinic in Prague, Czech Republic situated in an excellent location, right on the Wenceslas Square. Form clinic provides services in the area of cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and facelift.

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"DR Dychus tummy tuck" by Cassy
Submitted on: 21 Sep 2023

I had abdominal surgery last November. It took almost six months to see the final result, but it was worth the wait. Dr Dychus and the
team at the Forme Clinic were amazing. ...

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"Tummy tuck surgery" by Alisson
Submitted on: 17 Apr 2023

I feel like a new person after my abdominal surgery with Dr Dychus. My tummy looks very nice and is finally flat. The clinic was
pleasant and all the staff was great. The care they gave me was fantas ...

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"Forme Clinic" by Olivia
Submitted on: 2 Mar 2023

I had a blepharoplasty this year and a septorhinoplasty last year. I couldn't have asked for better results. This clinic is great for
its good prices and the very good care they provide. I'm glad I c ...

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"Forme Clinic experience " by Nicol
Submitted on: 16 Feb 2023

I am very satisfied with the result. The procedure was excellent, I had no pain after the surgery and my nose healed very quickly. Dr
Vasek accurately estimated what nose would fit my face and it tur ...

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"Dr Dychus" by Marie
Submitted on: 14 Feb 2023

I highly recommend Dr Dychus. He was very kind, helpful and explained everything to me in detail. I am glad that I had the procedure
with this doctor. I could not have chosen better. The result excee ...

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"Experience with Forme clinic" by W
Submitted on: 9 Feb 2023

Doctor Vasek is just great. Above all, an absolute professional with a very kind and human approach. As we agreed on the consultation,
so it went. The surgery was done under general anesthesia, which ...

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"Experience with Forme clinic" by Tracey Richards
Submitted on: 12 Jan 2023

The clinic is great. I had a wonderful experience from the beginning until the last post-op check-up. ...

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"Forme Clinic - Eyelid surgery" by Aime
Submitted on: 12 May 2022

A big thank you to everyone at this clinic. The environment is very pleasant and the staff had a wonderful attitude. I had upper and
lower eyelid surgery and the result is amazing. ...

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"Dr Vasek rhinoplasty" by A
Submitted on: 23 Mar 2022

I chose the Forme Clinic because of the price of the nose job and I don't regret it. Dr Vasek is a very experienced surgeon and my nose
looks perfect. Everyone at the clinic was very nice and helpful ...

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"Fantastic care" by Suz
Submitted on: 24 Feb 2022

The operation went very good, all the checkups before the surgery were done properly. I felt safe at Forme clinic and the care was also
fantastic. ...

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