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Teeth Care Centre is multi-specialist dental hospital which offers an array of cosmetic dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers.

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"Dental Implants " by Aarti
Submitted on: 27 Feb 2020

I had few missing to which i was finding permanent solution. I am bery thankful to my colleague for referring me to Teeth Care Centre
for my dental problems. The dentist is highly efficient to solve ...

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"Implants" by Ram lal mehta
Submitted on: 26 Feb 2020

I had missing tooth in my lower arch. I got 6 implants done and now I am able to chew food properly, smile and laugh. Thanks to Teeth
care centre for this awesome procedure done. I highly recommend t ...

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"Porcelain Veeners" by Vibhuti Mehta
Submitted on: 13 Feb 2020

I did not like my smile. I got a reference of TEETH CARE CENTRE through my friend. I went for porcelain veeners treatment in my upper
anterior teeth and the result were stunning. I totally love my sm ...

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"Most aesthetic veneers " by Sweetu
Submitted on: 27 Jan 2020

My upper front teeth had abnormal spacing to which I decided to get treated as when i smiled it was not looking good. Through one of my
family member i consulted Teeth Care Centre Ahmedabad. The cosm ...

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"Dental Implants" by Amita
Submitted on: 15 Jan 2020

I had teeth problem since few years. With age i had few missing teeth to which i was finding permanent solution. One of my friend
recommended Teeth Care Centre. To my rescue here I found all the solu ...

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"Permanent solution-Implants" by Madhu
Submitted on: 3 Jan 2020

I had 3 missing teeth to which I wanted permanent solution. Through one of my cousin I had contacted Teeth Care Centre Ahmedabad. They
provide the best of treatments and services. I live Australia b ...

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"Implant" by Prafula
Submitted on: 31 Dec 2019

I had my missing tooth in the upper jaw due to which I was unable to chew but after visiting teeth care centre, I believe nothing is
Impossible. I got my teeth replaced with utmost satisfaction an ...

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"Veneering my teeth" by Jilku
Submitted on: 24 Dec 2019

I was not happy with my crooked front teeth. Also they were bit small which did not looked good when I smiled. But I am very happy and
satisfied after I visited Teeth Care Centre,Ahmedabad. I got my ...

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"Amazing Porcelain Veneers" by Kruts
Submitted on: 10 Dec 2019

I had gap between my front two teeth. So as suggested by my sister I contacted Teeth Care Centre for best cosmetic options. I am very
happy with my Porcelain Veneers placed on my front two teeth and ...

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"Highly satisfied Dental Implants" by Heli
Submitted on: 30 Nov 2019

One of my friend overseas suggested for Teeth Care Centre and I am so happy to visit most hygienic clinic. I had my Implant treatment
done for my missing teeth. The clinic is well equipped with advan ...

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