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Dental Unit at St James Hospital (14)
Clinic, Malta

The Dental & Implantology Unit, situated within the Saint James Hospital offers an impeccable specialist quality service for dental implants in Malta, for general dental treatment and for cosmetic dentistry. Quality dental treatment, patient safety and th

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"Dental implants" by Rosi Applecore
Submitted on: 5 Apr 2016

Dr Mark Diacono is an excellent dental surgeon who put me at ease and designed my beautiful new dentures. I had all my own teeth
extracted when i was 26 so have worn dentures for many years. Unfortu ...

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"6 incisor crowns" by Brian
Submitted on: 3 Apr 2015

First of all amazing staff. The receptionist at the dental unit has a wonderful smile that makes your day. :-) I had a dental
treatment with Dr. Susanne Diacono. The entire experience was very p ...

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"Dental Unit at St James Hospital - A Fantastic Dental Experience" by SB
Submitted on: 7 May 2014

I went to the Unit upon the recommendation of friends. What was to have been a routine check-up identified a bone infection and a
rotten tooth and so I embarked upon the implant route - unknown terr ...

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"Excellent Service" by fishbone27
Submitted on: 8 Oct 2013

My dentist referred me to the dental and implantology unit at St. James for an implant following positive reviews from his other
patients. The staff were very friendly and helpful throughout all my a ...

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"Josette Miceli Farrugia" by Josette
Submitted on: 11 Sep 2013

Dr Mark Diacono performed an excellent job on what was classified as a difficult case - the surgery was a success. Dr Diacono and
his staff were both caring and informative. Dr Nikolai Att ...

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"Mrs" by AHMED
Submitted on: 30 Oct 2012

the services , communication, clinic , doctors and the staff were excellent ...

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"Gum Bleeding" by Samuel
Submitted on: 22 Oct 2012

The treatment I received at the Dental Unit at St. James Hospital was very high quality and the problem was solved forthwith. The
service was friendly, professional and caring. ...

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"I got my wide smile back!" by simone
Submitted on: 10 Apr 2012

When I first visited Dr Mark Diacono, he told me he wanted to give me back my full smile, and he succeeded. I enjoy smiling and showing
off my teeth. They are so exactly like my own remaining teeth t ...

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"Dental Surgery in Malta!" by Sue
Submitted on: 9 Apr 2012

Having dental treatment abroad was a scary option but as I was working & living in Malta, I researched the options available. I was
also recommended the Dental Unit at St James Hospital by several ...

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"Excellent clinic with an excellent team" by Vince
Submitted on: 24 Oct 2011

Let me start off by admitting that I suffered from dental phobia for many years. This fear caused me a lot of hardships in social life
since, due to my absence from visiting a dentist, my teeth grew ...

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