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Cosmetic Clinic, Czech Republic

SurGal Clinic is a private surgical clinic in Brno, Czech Republic. Cosmetic surgery treatments available include: breast surgery, facelift, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, ear pinning, nose reconstruction and liposuction. SurGal Clinic offers premium care and services from a special department created just for foreign clients visit

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"Tip top hip" by Pam
Submitted on: 8 Sep 2018

To summarise the total trip: my husband came with me (you need someone really) and we had to fly out on Sunday, hence Ryanair from
Stanstead (yuk), which was much as you'd expect, arived at Brno and ...

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"Excellent care in a pleasant environment" by TONY
Submitted on: 5 Jul 2015

Excellent treatment and care, far more comprehensive and less expensive than it would have been in the UK ...

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