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Dental Implantoprosthetic Center (5)
Dental Clinic, Croatia

Dr Zeljko Popadics surgery is situated in the centre of Rovinj, a picturesque Istrian town in Croatia. Their prices are significantly lower than those in many European countries, especially Ireland and UK. The Implantoprosthetic centre is the referring ce

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"Completely satisfied" by meandkudos
Submitted on: 17 Jan 2010

I did have a preconceived idea of costs but hadn't allowed for the fact that I needed extensive bone augmentation. This took its toll on
causing extra visits, overnight accommodations etc. I did live ...

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"Caring and Professional." by horizonqueen64
Submitted on: 9 Nov 2008

At the age of 44 i thought i was too young for dentures, which is all i had to look forward to. I was already wearing loose fitting
plates, top and bottom from a couple of accidents, gum disease and ...

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"Expert and Caring" by Vinnie
Submitted on: 14 Aug 2008

My boss and I are now trusted clients of Dr Zeljko Popadic and we have had a lot of work done. I can vouch for his expertise and would
recommend him for any impantology work. I was surprised at how e ...

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"world class treatment" by hdrinny
Submitted on: 13 Aug 2008

I suffered from gum disease for many years and was fearful of eventually having to wear dentures. Implants seemed to be the only
solution but a dentist quoted me £50k in the U.K. s ...

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"Great value" by Sparky
Submitted on: 14 Jul 2008

Having suffered at the hands of several dentists in the UK I decided to take a chance and go abroad. It's not a decision I've regretted.
Friendly staff, pleasant surgery and second to none dental wor ...

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