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Dental Clinic, Croatia

The H-Dent dental clinic is fully equipped with all the necessary dentistry and diagnostic instruments, enabling simple and quick diagnosis of dental problems. It also allows H-Dent to perform swift, high-quality dental treatment achieving optimum results

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"Highly recommended!" by Jay
Submitted on: 12 Jul 2018

My boyfriend and I had dental treatment at H-dent. We found the staff to be always courteous and attentive. Our treatment plans included
extractions, fillings and crowns. We are delighted with the pr ...

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"First class dental treatment in the most beautiful town" by G. Corbett
Submitted on: 19 Sep 2016

I got a 'guide' quote in the UK which nearly killed me, so decided to get my dental treatment done in Europe and live a little longer.
After much investigation, I contacted Ivan by email and he calle ...

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"H-Dent. - Does what it says on the tin!" by Hugh
Submitted on: 3 Oct 2014

I trolled the Internet for Dental Tourism having had cost estimates in the UK, including having dental specialists fly in from Europe to
perform the treatment in UK centres. Ivan Habijanec called me ...

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"Croatian dental successful outcome" by andrewcallee
Submitted on: 30 Jan 2012

Knowing that I would need extensive - and probably expensive - treatment to replace a number of lost teeth I set out to get numerous
quotations to assess the next step. I went to a dental radiography ...

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"Unexpectedly good outcome" by Whitedog
Submitted on: 16 Feb 2010

We contacted H-Dent because my wife needed heavy duty dental treatment. She had previously had dentures that were not vrey satisfactory
and she needed other treatment as well. While enquiring for her ...

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"beautiful experience" by nata
Submitted on: 8 Dec 2009

I have to say that this was a beautiful experience. Our whole trip was a great idea and we can't stop telling our friends and family
about it. Doctors from H-dent not only took care of our teeth prob ...

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"we plan to return" by American
Submitted on: 25 May 2009

I recommend H-Dent unequivocally. I had a 2-bridge crown done as well as replacing an old crown, and they replaced an old filling. There
were no add ons; their price was as published; they were alway ...

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