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Nicosia Dental Polyclinic Reviews

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"The best choice in Cyprus" by V
Submitted on: 18 Mar 2022

Incredible results and top-quality dental care, much better than what I have experienced at leading clinics in Sydney, Dubai and other
parts of Europe. All staff are highly skilled in different field ...

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"New Teeth in the Sun" by lewber
Submitted on: 17 Feb 2010

I was hesitant about going abroad for tooth implants. My dentist painted miserable picture about foreign incompetence. Then I received
my quote for tooth implants locally in Yorkshire (not the most e ...

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"Thank you - I can now smile again!" by samc
Submitted on: 16 Jun 2009

From start to finish, the quality of care that I received from Nicosia Polyclinic was of an extremely high standard. From booking
appointments to final treatment. I would have no hesitation in recomm ...

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"great result" by jarvis
Submitted on: 27 Apr 2009

I was a worst case scenario with the loss of upper teeth and a partial denture in the lower jaw. My few remaining teeth were in a bad
way and the gums were receding. Dr Taramides gave me implants in ...

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"Highly recommended" by DavidWebster
Submitted on: 27 Jan 2009

Personal care at its best! I could not have made a better choice. ...

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"Friendly, Professional and Supportive" by cyprusfordy
Submitted on: 5 Jan 2009

From the very start when we were looking for somewhere to do an implant they made me feel comfortable with their approach and obvious
professionalism. It did not take long to make my choice. This was ...

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"Nothing to fear" by Grace
Submitted on: 3 Jan 2009

My friend recommended Dr Marios Taramides after she had started a course of treatment for implants and veneers. I was able to discuss my
problems by email with the clinic and was asked to email photo ...

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"Experience of Dental Treatment Abroad" by BRACKEN
Submitted on: 6 Nov 2008

When my wife Cyndy and I were informed by our Dentist in Oxfordshire that we both had periodontal gum decease and a number of our teeth
will have to be extracted and replaced by implants, as well as ...

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"Top Quality" by williag
Submitted on: 25 Sep 2008

After years of problems and neglect, my upper teeth were a mess. Then one day I chipped one of my front teeth which left a gaping hole
and it was then that I decided to do something about the state o ...

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"" by tooth
Submitted on: 25 Jun 2008


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