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Dental Clinic, Greece

Dental Holidays Crete is a Dental Clinic in Heraklion, Greece. It proves dental services such as oral surgery and periodontology using the latest technology. A state-of-the-art facility committed to maintaining high levels of hygiene, it is run by Dr. George Vardakis.

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"Excellent service " by Kiki
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2020

This has been my visit to the same clinic to be treated by the same doctor since the service is very professional and the price
affordable and much lower compared to relevant treatments in the U.K. D ...

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"Excellent " by Alexiadi Artemis
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2020

Very professional, attentive to details and committed to helping each and every patient achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. I
strongly recommend Dr. Vardakis ...

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"Thank You Dr. George Vardakis" by Kimberley
Submitted on: 21 Aug 2019

I am currently on holiday in Crete from the UK. I had sudden onset of severe pain in a tooth which I had previous root canal and crown
done back home. Early hours one morning I was in tears due to th ...

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"Excellent " by Dental repair
Submitted on: 18 Jun 2019

George repaired my two front broken teeth and they now are brand new like I never had any damage! thanks! ...

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"Dental care" by amazing
Submitted on: 18 Jun 2019

amazing and very cost effective. George repaired my damaged teeth and filled in my cavities. ...

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"Long review; absolutely recommended" by Toebs
Submitted on: 10 Jun 2019

I am writing a review about Dr. Vardakis, who runs and has run for I think it was about twenty years a dental surgery in Irakleio,
Crete. Now, I do not keep a permanent home, but move country ever ...

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"Excellence" by Anne
Submitted on: 23 May 2019

I was looking to have some major dental prosthetic work but the prices back at my home country were extremely high. A friend suggested
me to look after a dental clinic abroad and finally, I had the f ...

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"Best doctor" by Lena
Submitted on: 11 May 2019

Dc George fixed a few of my teeth and insert the implant 9 years ago and keep enjoying his work, he is very careful and proffesional, I
really appreciate what he has done to me! ...

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"Excellent service and top quality " by Jessica
Submitted on: 2 Apr 2019

Due to gnashing , my teeth had suffered serious damage and replacement with zirconium-porcelain crowns were required. I visited Dr.
Vardakis in November 2018 when he gave me very detailed informatio ...

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