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Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest (44)
Dental Clinic, Hungary

At Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest in Hungary their aim is to provide accessible, high quality dental care at affordable prices. Treatments available include dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays, teeth whitening and root canal treatment.

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Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest Reviews

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"Fabulous" by Scotty
Submitted on: 5 Mar 2017

I went for consultation the treatment plan. The staff wete fantastic very thourough informative and so helpful. I look forward now to
going ahead with treatment knowing I in safe and very experienced ...

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"Impressed" by EvieM
Submitted on: 4 Feb 2017

I am leaving Budapest tomorrow, and i started my treatment in this dental clinic 6 months ago. Not only the clinic but also the quality
of the work is impressive. I am 100% satisfied with the final r ...

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"My dentist is in Hungary" by JLee
Submitted on: 4 Feb 2017

I stayed 10 days in Hungary and had 15 crowns placed including the replacement of a bridge. The result is just amazing, will return in
Budapest for a checkup in 6 months, now my dentist is in Hungary ...

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"Excellent Professionals" by BettyBoop086
Submitted on: 3 Feb 2017

My Fiancé had his treatment done here, we are already booked for a return visit for Implants ...

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"Best dental clinic " by Igor
Submitted on: 9 Jan 2017

Helvetic clinics in Hungary is simply the best dentist I have ever been to in my entire life. ...

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"Dental Treatment" by William
Submitted on: 7 Nov 2016

Excellent clinic. Staff are very professional and friendly. Everything went smoothly without any pain. The treatment was explained
clearly to me in order to achieve the cosmetic work I was looking fo ...

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"Centre of excellence" by Ron
Submitted on: 18 Sep 2016

An infection in the root of a tooth meant an extraction which left a gap opposite an existing gap which made chewing a little difficult
on that side. There was also a gap on the other side giving me ...

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"Amazing, So great and greatest dental experts" by Azhar
Submitted on: 29 Aug 2016

To summarize my review i want to tell everyone to visit Helvetic Clinics and never hesitate because you will never find such thing in
any spot of the world. So great staff starting from the reception ...

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"First Class" by Leon
Submitted on: 20 Aug 2016

Anyone seeking dental treatment look no further, any apprehension will soon evaporate in this wonderful environment, I actually look
forward to going back to the dentist! ...

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"Affordable Excellence" by Jackie from England
Submitted on: 26 Jun 2016

A state-of-the-art clinic full of English(and other European languages)speaking staff, highly trained and knowledgeable. I received 4
porcelain crowns, replacing 3 existing composite/plastic ones, h ...

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