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Dental Clinic, Hungary

Implant Abroad is a specialist dental facility in the heart of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. They provide a wide variety of aesthetic and cosmetic dental services but specialize in dental implants. The dentist's office is equipped with the latest technology and surgeries can be arranged easily...

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"Full denture experience in Budapest" by Claudine
Submitted on: 2 Sep 2011

I found Biodental in 2007 and I was surprised by the profesionalism of the Dr Horvath and all his team. I had a full denture treatment
with extension. Now, all is fine for me : no pean, no trouble. E ...

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"Prompt, friendly and stress-free" by GABY
Submitted on: 22 Nov 2010

Special thanks to Doctor Horvath for immediately identifying the problem with my biting position and for solving it in such a
professional way. No other dentist I have encountered over the last decad ...

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"Nothing But Praise and More Praise." by Flatfoot
Submitted on: 13 Sep 2010

I would love to give this team ten stars but the system is set. Years of neglect and subsequent fear of censure from any dentist
prevented me seeking help at home or abroad. I wish now that I had me ...

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"10 years younger" by charliezero
Submitted on: 24 Aug 2010

Having a full denture replaced by dental implants has transformed my whole life. I look and feel 10 years younger. I eat better food,
chew it properly, (including steak, apples, corn on the cob, pork ...

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"Caring Professional Dental Treatment" by Plati
Submitted on: 9 Jul 2010

I made two visits to Dr Horvath's clinic to have all of my amalgam fillings replaced, five implants, a five tooth bridge on my upper
teeth, three additional crowns and an inlay. The whole treatment w ...

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"Superb service" by helen2000
Submitted on: 9 Mar 2010

I had always been self consious about the poor quality of my teeth. So much so I that I found it difficult to talk to people and I
certainly couldn,t laugh without covering my mouth. I wanted to save ...

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