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The Kreativ Dental Clinic in Hungary is one of Europe`s premier dental establishments which uses the most up-to-date Dental Technology. It`s UK division, Kreativ Dental UK, has been established to promote the Budapest clinic and to offer its low-cost adv

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"Great dentist with very skilled staff" by Anna
Submitted on: 14 May 2020

Very reassuring staff and top notch care! I wish I'd asked more questions after being sent off from the first surgery as it all happens
very swiftly but 2 years on and I am very happy with my implant ...

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"Brilliant dental care" by Mike
Submitted on: 12 Feb 2020

After three visits to the clinic, I now have two wonderful new teeth and a great crown on a third tooth. The initial consultation was
very thorough, the second visit where I had the implants fitted ...

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"Great value but the crowns are falling off" by nrw1950
Submitted on: 4 Feb 2020

The original treatment was excellent. I had 2 implants and 16 crowns. It was great value for money. I had to return after 3 months as I
was having a problem with one of my back teeth and they did not ...

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"Kreativ Visit - Budapest" by JC
Submitted on: 16 Dec 2019

I had been looking at the adverts in the national press for some time and after visiting my NHS dentist and being told an implant was
the only option I had for one of my teeth at a cost of £2.5K, I ...

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"Kreativ Dental" by Carole
Submitted on: 7 Nov 2019

All the staff were very professional. I am highly delighted with my new teeth and the year long treatment was well worth the wait. My
dentist Bernard gave such attention to detail, especially the fit ...

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"LONDON, UK " by John Coutinho
Submitted on: 6 Nov 2019

Top of a professional service by KREATIV Top drawer facilities at Danubius Arena ...

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"highly recommended" by christine
Submitted on: 9 Oct 2019

cannot recommend highly enough - the staff at Kreative are excellent = effecient, organised, well managed. My particular dentist was
kind, compassionate, understanding as were the nurses. I felt co ...

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"Amazing service and treatment" by Steve
Submitted on: 26 Sep 2019

This was the 3rd session to complete the overall work of implants (2); a bridge, and 7crowns. I also had professional cleaning and
whitening by Kristian which was outstanding. Dr Lesti Attila was t ...

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"Dental treatment " by Rich
Submitted on: 5 Sep 2019

Had extensive treatment and the whole process from start to finish was very professional and attention to detail was second to none.My
Dentist Bernard was brilliant from the word go and listened to ...

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"Kreative Dental" by Sue
Submitted on: 17 Aug 2019

Stayed in Budapest 3 weeks to get my teeth fixed. Everything went very smoothly and I am extremely happy with my teeth now. The word
that describes them is a very pleasant "wow". ...

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