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The Kreativ Dental Clinic in Hungary is one of Europe`s premier dental establishments which uses the most up-to-date Dental Technology. It`s UK division, Kreativ Dental UK, has been established to promote the Budapest clinic and to offer its low-cost adv

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Kreativ Dental Clinic Reviews

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"highly recommended" by christine
Submitted on: 9 Oct 2019

cannot recommend highly enough - the staff at Kreative are excellent = effecient, organised, well managed. My particular dentist was
kind, compassionate, understanding as were the nurses. I felt co ...

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"Amazing service and treatment" by Steve
Submitted on: 26 Sep 2019

This was the 3rd session to complete the overall work of implants (2); a bridge, and 7crowns. I also had professional cleaning and
whitening by Kristian which was outstanding. Dr Lesti Attila was t ...

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"Dental treatment " by Rich
Submitted on: 5 Sep 2019

Had extensive treatment and the whole process from start to finish was very professional and attention to detail was second to none.My
Dentist Bernard was brilliant from the word go and listened to ...

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"Kreative Dental" by Sue
Submitted on: 17 Aug 2019

Stayed in Budapest 3 weeks to get my teeth fixed. Everything went very smoothly and I am extremely happy with my teeth now. The word
that describes them is a very pleasant "wow". ...

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"A happy, smiley girl at last!" by Rebecca
Submitted on: 17 Aug 2019

Between the two of us, we have been having treatment at Kreativ for nearly 3 years. Peter had five implants, two sinus lifts then 9
months later, full repair of upper jaw with crowns and bridges. Re ...

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"First timer" by Stuart
Submitted on: 17 Jul 2019

Very impressed with the whole process! From the free airport transfer to the immaculate treatment centre, ultra professional staff
treatment and fantastic affordable cost. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ...

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"Dental Implants / Cosmetic Dentistry" by Fargo
Submitted on: 12 Jul 2019

I live in London in the UK. I needed implants, a new bridge and other cosmetic dentistry. I visited five dentist in and around
London who advertised to be implant specialist, unfortunately I was ...

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"Smile across the Danube" by Michael
Submitted on: 5 Jul 2019

Due to treatment received for throat and neck cancer, all my teeth were discoloured and deteriorating badly. Furthermore, my uneven bite
was giving me added problems. Hence, I hastened to Kreativ. ...

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"Olivia Jackson" by Liv
Submitted on: 17 Jun 2019

Hi I have recommended this service to a number of people as in my opinion it is equal to none. The care I received during my
treatment was exceptional. When I arrived at the clinic I was feeli ...

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"Kreativ Dental Clinic " by Kd
Submitted on: 3 Jun 2019

Following my initial contact with Ben from Kreativ Dental Clinic, in the UK , I was reassured that my request for implants and crowns
could be performed at Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest. I wa ...

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