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The Kreativ Dental Clinic in Hungary is one of Europe`s premier dental establishments which uses the most up-to-date Dental Technology. It`s UK division, Kreativ Dental UK, has been established to promote the Budapest clinic and to offer its low-cost adv

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"Kreative Dental Clinic Budapest - Superb" by dpz
Submitted on: 10 Feb 2016

This clinic and all the staff are superb. I've been to both NHS & some very expensive private dentists in the UK. None of them can hold
a candle to the diagnosis and treatment Kreativ offer. In fact ...

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"Kreativ Dental - Another Successful Visit" by Ren
Submitted on: 7 Feb 2016

I have only praise for the Kreativ Dental Team. I have now had three visits to Kreativ for implants, a tooth extraction and caps. With
transport to and from the airport and hotel accommodation organi ...

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"brilliant result" by keith b
Submitted on: 22 Jan 2016

I first went to Kreativ Budapest for a consultation for a possible implant to replace a missing tooth lost by my UK dentist’s
treatment. The scan revealed that another major tooth next but one to t ...

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"Kreativ Dental Clinic, Budapest" by Geoff
Submitted on: 23 Oct 2015

I'm a Happy Camper! I'm a Kiwi and am of the age to have been on the wrong end of some failed experiments with the New Zealand
water-supply in my youth. As a result, my teeth turned to chalk and I ...

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"Kreativ smile" by Anne G.
Submitted on: 18 Oct 2015

Treatment received on all my trips this year have been positive. The staff are pleasant and very professional. Surgeries are spotless
and kitted out with the best dental equipment. Everything is t ...

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"Simply the Best" by Tricky
Submitted on: 31 Jul 2015

I can only describe my teeth as a 'disaster area.' Having seen a UK dental specialist I was faced with a quote of £26,000 to rectify
all my problems. I honestly can't remember how I heard about Krea ...

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"David Haining" by Petcho Lobo
Submitted on: 7 May 2015

I have given a 4 for patient communication but this was due mainly to the fact that I had been travelling for over 18 hours and wasn`t
very receptive to my consultation. I would urge anyone travellin ...

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"'A smile from ear to ear!'" by by Mary
Submitted on: 21 Apr 2015

Kreativ Dental were a pleasure to deal with. All staff memberswere highly professional and I felt that the level of patient care was
second to none. They were compassionate throughout the whole exp ...

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"Amazing experience with Kreativ Dental in Budapest" by Giovanni
Submitted on: 5 Feb 2015

I had my front tooth broken in Dublin last year and was quoted quite a lot of money to have it replaced. I was watching football on
Setanta Sports last month when I saw an ad for the Kreativ DentaI ...

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"Susan Green" by Susy
Submitted on: 3 Nov 2014

Treatment at Kreative Dental Budapest was excellent. Staff very friendly, helpful and all spoke perfect English. Treatment was high
tech and clinic was superb ...

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