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"Dental Crowns - all teeth" by tonto
Submitted on: 16 Aug 2019

I had the best treatment from this company that gave me back my smile and beautiful new teeth. My dentist was amazing he was very
gentle and caring throughout the whole process. I can honestly say ...

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"My comfortable mouth" by Woz
Submitted on: 1 Feb 2019

I decided to consider Dental Tourism given the number of problems that were building up with my teeth after being seen by a string of
dentists in the UK and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with th ...

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"Great care" by Cheryl
Submitted on: 26 Oct 2018

Excellent service. The dental treatment I received was top rate and it was so reassuring to know that there was a London base in case of
emergency (although I didn't need to use it). We thoroughly en ...

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"VitalEurope Budapest March 2018" by Mot1
Submitted on: 15 Mar 2018

Fabulous professional support to develop and then deliver my treatment. Your service level has been outstanding including aftercare,
through out my dental works treatment. I can’t thank you enough ...

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"Dental treatment " by Sonya
Submitted on: 8 Feb 2018

As expected and pain free during surgery ...

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"Dental work abroad" by Dwc
Submitted on: 8 Feb 2018

Excellent quality and no pain ! ...

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"Upper and lower jaw full dental restoration" by Leo
Submitted on: 3 Jul 2017

I received an excellent dental treatment at VitalEurope, having my teeth sorted out here was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I
am very pleased with the treatment I received and I feel that ...

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"Love the professionalism of the dentist " by Carla Jones
Submitted on: 2 Jun 2017

I love the professionalism of my dentist I had, I always had quiet a lot of problems I couldn't wait longer to achieve the smile I have
chosen to be done with vital Europe. They're must professional ...

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"Returning satisfied customer " by chef about town
Submitted on: 31 May 2017

Dr Kiss Balázs is amazing. I have been using vital Europe for many years and always happy with the treatments I received. the new
doctors coming on board are of a very good caliber plus a get to spe ...

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"Tony Brown" by tony
Submitted on: 20 Jun 2016

I went to a dentist in the uk poor service , delayed appointments high cost. I contacted vital Europe. Assessment in uk branch. by
my Dentist (you will see why he is my dentist) Travelled to Bud ...

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