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Dental Clinic, Romania

The Dental Professional Clinic in Arad, Romania currently offers a wide range of dental treatments, such as preventative dentistry, odontology, prosthetics, periodontology, oral surgery and dental implants. The three individual treatment rooms are all equ

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"Excellent quality, tremendous value" by RichW
Submitted on: 29 Sep 2008

Everything turned out as promised beforehand, no nasty "surprises". The staff was curteous and everybody was very professional. Maybe I
should have given 5 stars for communication as well, Dr. Andrea ...

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Submitted on: 10 Jul 2008

Took a look at the man and his wife in London,, liked what I saw, I was working in Munich, decided to drive down to Arad,, fell in love
with the city,, hard to start with, but it grows on you,, found ...

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