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Dentesse Dental Implant Center has been offering dental treatment in Romania to patients from abroad since 1998. They specialize in dental implants and a broad range of cosmetic dental treatments including: crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures and tooth whitening. They also provide oral surgery and conservative dentistry treatments such as tooth extractions, root canal treatment and orthodontic braces.

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"Very happy" by Sihanada
Submitted on: 4 Nov 2016

I'm extremely happy with the treatment I received. I ended up having more work that I thought I would need (my teeth where in a worse
state) but very happy with the outcome. All the way through out m ...

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"Dentesse Dental Clinic, Romania" by Karon from England
Submitted on: 7 Nov 2014

Loosing your teeth is a terribly frightening experience and the thought of wearing a removable denture added to the complete desolation
I felt. The cost of an implanted denture in the UK was out of ...

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"Dentesse" by Ian spain
Submitted on: 5 May 2014

Finding a dentist is not hard, finding a TEAM of experts who look after YOU and are more interested in your teeth than your wallet is
more difficult. Dentesse are that team. I needed implants, bridg ...

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"Great experience" by Donna
Submitted on: 30 Oct 2012

I was well informed and well taken care of throughout my treatment, dentists and staff were excellent. Very high quality of work with
good materials and clean state of the art facilities. I had root ...

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