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Established in 2004, Medical Tours has been serving the dentistry needs of over 1,000 international patients each year. Having been recognised for their unique dental tourism concept by the French-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, Medical Tours has become a leading provider of dental treatment to the French. Why not follow the example of these discerning French patients and travel to Romania for dental implants, teeth whitening, dental veneers or a complete smile makeover?

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"1st time experience of medical tours" by madme
Submitted on: 2 Dec 2013

Was slightly apprehensive about having treatment abroad but I took the plunge and I am so glad I did. As soon as I saw the driver at the
airport and a representative (anca) of the clinic I knew I ha ...

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"exceptional experience" by ties
Submitted on: 23 Nov 2013

It was an incredible experience overall. both medical and non medical staff, equipment used, exceeding by far everything I ever saw in
the so called "educated" countries. I wouldn't believe such leve ...

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"My treatment" by Carmen
Submitted on: 18 Nov 2013

The service was really excellent, the same thing also on the products they used for the purposes of my dental treatment. The staff who
work there are verry prepared and professional people who know h ...

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"Perfect treatment" by Isa
Submitted on: 18 Nov 2013

I want to thank this clinic that probably saved my tooth ! I went there with a friend who had to receive big dental treatment. It was
an occasion for me to visit Romania. When I saw the cleanliness ...

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"Quality& good care" by Denise
Submitted on: 17 Nov 2013

A friend of mine recommended Medical Tours. I am due to pay my second visit this December and this time I am taking two of my friends
with me. The clinic itself is well equipped; on a lower floor the ...

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"Amazing experience! " by Mrs Armstrong
Submitted on: 17 Nov 2013

This is one of the best clinics I've been to. It's truly worth the money and the service is excellent. As we all know, London can be a
ripp off when it comes to dentistry. Here I found the staff very ...

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"Excellent dental care at an affordable price" by Canadiana
Submitted on: 14 Nov 2013

I have had major dental issues for a long time and have tried to get treatment at home, in Vancouver, Canada. I visited a few dental
practices around Vancouver and got quotations for dental treatment ...

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"First healing in Medical Tours Company" by Lesteat
Submitted on: 13 Nov 2013

It was the first time i went in Romania. A first sight to the clinic to know whatever i needed to know: everything appeared secure and
healthy! I was really surprised to received such a treatment wit ...

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"Great experince!" by Pierrot
Submitted on: 13 Nov 2013

The treatement quality was perfect and 60% cheaper than in France. Very professional team. Good work guys! ...

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