Trident Dental Clinic

Trident Dental Clinic (3)
Dental Clinic, Romania

The Trident Dental clinic, supported by 8 dental clinics, onsite dental laboratories, up-to-date dental materials and instruments and 2004 generation x-ray devices, provides tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants, periodontic and orthodontic treatment

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"Excellent Service and Aftercare" by tomraw
Submitted on: 6 Nov 2008

I visited the clinc in October 2007 for a dental implants which would have been so costly in the UK. I emailed Trident and recieved
recieved all the information I required, i had read up on the opper ...

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"" by sbmoloney
Submitted on: 6 Jul 2008


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"Superb.....Dentisty done right." by Bonachi
Submitted on: 13 Jun 2008

I had an initial consulation with the Chief Dental Surgeon in the UK. I found him to be very open and accessible, he took the time to
explain my options in detail as well as provide more information ...

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