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"Implants" by Barry
Submitted on: 13 Aug 2013

Long time ago but I think this makes the review more relevant. I had two each side at the top and one each side in the lower. Several
extractions and a canal root job. Total then was about £7,000. S ...

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"Dental implants" by RichardF
Submitted on: 21 Dec 2011

7 Implants in my top jaw at the same time to say the least it was uncomfortable but now it's all finished I am verry happy with the
outcome and the price, I am not sure how much I saved over a UK pra ...

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"Perfect Profiles - Implants & Crowns" by Zoot
Submitted on: 28 Apr 2008

After many years of dental issues, I now have a permanent smile created by Perfect Profiles and Vital Centre dentists in Hungary. I had
2 implants and 20 crowns fitted by Dr Gombos (4 visits over a 6 ...

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"Perfect Profiles - Excellent Service" by Bonita03730
Submitted on: 28 Apr 2008

I booked my dental treatment with Perfect Profiles. I received personal treatment from Anna who reassured me when I had any concerns,
answered my emails immediately and generally made me feel calmer ...

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