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Dental Clinic, Vietnam

Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center provides premier dental care including implant, oral surgery, braces, cosmetic and restoration in Vietnam. The modern dental centre is fully equipped with the latest technology, and is focused on providing not only high quality dental care but also perfect experiences to all patients.

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Dr Hung & Associates Dental Center Reviews

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"Very professional" by David
Submitted on: 25 May 2017

The most up to date professionals i have had the pleasure of meeting. The team went out off their wat to get all this done in 29 hours
from first visit . And going back this November ...

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"Best decision I ever made" by Asad
Submitted on: 26 Dec 2015

I had 19 porcelain crowns put in (the 20th tooth went walkies between gums). The process invloved grinding my teeth to sort of sticks.
all together 6 appointments. two 4 hour ones to grind the teeth ...

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"Efficient and painless" by Teresa
Submitted on: 26 Dec 2015

My husband and I attended Dr Hung's clinic. I had 2 abutments + 2 crowns attached to implants which had already been inserted in NZ, and
10 crowns and 2 fillings - cost $5300NZD . My husband had 2 po ...

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"I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic" by Robert
Submitted on: 16 Dec 2015

I received three dental implants, one extraction and fourteen crowns. This was conducted over a five day period with a few additional
days to monitor progress. I have no hesitation in recommending th ...

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"As good as any dental care I've experienced in Australia or New Zealand" by Nick
Submitted on: 10 Dec 2015

As good as any dental care I've experienced in Australia or New Zealand for a fraction of the price. Very professional establishment,
really appreciated the airport pickup (Ho Chi Minh is a very big ...

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"Much whiter than my old teeth" by Philip
Submitted on: 8 Dec 2015

Very happy with the results, six veneers. Would recommend this treatment to anyone. With three different appointments the result was
finished. Very natural looking just what I wanted however much whi ...

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"I now have a full mouth of teeth" by Neil
Submitted on: 3 Dec 2015

All of my teeth were badly worn, I had not had any molars for over 50 years and had used my incisor teeth as molars, they were worn down
to the gums. I first came to Vietnam in Sept. 2014 and went ho ...

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"Extremely professional" by Kelley
Submitted on: 15 Oct 2015

Once again my visit has been extremely professional.... Over the last week I have had crowns, bridging crowns and fillings done giving
me the PERFECT smile. I cannot recommend enough the staff and se ...

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"Don't go to anyone other than Dr Hung in Ho Chi Minh City " by Annett
Submitted on: 5 Oct 2015

Several months ago, I was informed by my Australian Dentist that i would require extensive repair to my teeth. The quote for this
treatment was very high and I knew that I would not be able to afford ...

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