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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre, India

Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness is India`s first and only chain of luxury rehabilitation centres. With its own carefully constructed treatment programme, individually focussed care and 1:1 doctor/counsellor to client ratio, it is considered the best rehab centre in India for the treatment of addictions, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

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Veda Rehabilitation and Wellness Reviews

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"low confidence and lack of motivation" by Dan
Submitted on: 28 Apr 2024

My three months in rehab were transformative. Surrounded by support, I delved deep into the roots of my low confidence and motivation.
Through therapy and camaraderie, I found resilience and purpose. ...

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"Cocaine de-addiction at Veda Rehab and Wellness" by RG
Submitted on: 27 Apr 2024

I cannot express enough gratitude for the transformative experience I had at Veda Rehab during my cocaine de-addiction program. From the
moment I walked through the doors, I felt supported and unders ...

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"Anxiety" by Chandan
Submitted on: 25 Apr 2024

The therapist was amazing and made me feel understood and cared for, the techniques used were very effective and they went along my flow
instead of making their own. The Staff members were friendly a ...

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" genuinely impressed" by Rakshitha
Submitted on: 21 Apr 2024

I recently took my mother to Veda Rehabilitation Centre for her sleeping pill dependency of 15 years, and I am genuinely impressed with
their approach and care. The staff was compassionate and profes ...

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"Weed Deaddiction" by Ajju
Submitted on: 20 Apr 2024

Rehabilitation @ veda was top notch. The staff are knowledgeable and supportive, offering effective therapies. Facilities are clean and
comfortable. I stayed @ the delhi center. The staff kept me bus ...

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"Helpful and warm" by Hemant
Submitted on: 19 Apr 2024

good place, peaceful and good team. ...

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"Warm and professional team. " by Adi
Submitted on: 18 Apr 2024

I went to their centre in mumbai , I really thought it would be difficult to spend a month there but to my surprise it was a good time.
I liked their staff alot as they were really warm and hospitabl ...

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