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Infertility Clinic, Cyprus

ISIS Clinic is a state-of-the-art infertility treatment centre in Nicosia, Cyprus. Their infertility unit has been designed and constructed based on European standards and consultations from embryology laboratory designers, mainly from the UK. It has its

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"My son was born" by tweet
Submitted on: 5 Jan 2012

I got pregnant in 2009. My doctor was dr. Mavrides and he was explaining me what I should expect, all the steps of the delivery,etc.
During the delivery I had some complications and last phase was qu ...

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"Modern and effective clinic" by tgow
Submitted on: 12 Mar 2010

Well, we went off to Cyprus to the Isis Clinic, for IVF with ED, following a cycle of IVF in the UK that was unsuccessful, probably due
to low ovarian reserve. There was very little information we co ...

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