Infertility Clinic, Czech Republic

We are a brand new modern family based clinic situated in Prague. We have many years of experience with medical tourism. We have our own medical tourism agency and we decide to create new clinic specialized clinic for foreign patients.

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"Evgenia " by Evgenia
Submitted on: 29 Jan 2020

Review translated by Google Translate: Thank you very much for your efforts and worries, this is the first thing I wanted to
confirm as a positive experience with you. Whole team from reception ...

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"Top IVF clinic" by M&A
Submitted on: 9 Mar 2018

We highly recommend Gynem due to their top professionalism and all the miracles they perform. After one unsucessful IVF cycle in another
clinic, we came to Gynem and even though the protocol they use ...

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"Excellent clinic highly recommended " by Kerry
Submitted on: 3 Jan 2016

I first contacted Gynem back in September 2015, unfortunately the First Lady I dealt with was very slack and didn't respond to multiple
emails for several weeks after we sent the completed paperwork ...

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"Positive experience in Gynem" by Renée
Submitted on: 28 Apr 2014

This is clinic with very good professional and human approach.We don´t know the outcome of our treatment yet as it is a long journey,
but so far we are happy to choose Gynem. ...

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"Professionnal treatment in Prague" by Anais
Submitted on: 21 Apr 2014

The clinic is not far from Dresden, just 2 hours to drive by car. After an extremely expensive, not fair and traumatising treatment
done in Germany in august 2012 with the best quoted Professor at ...

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