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Infertility Clinic, Czech Republic

ReproGenesis is a modern, private clinic offering infertility and assisted reproduction treatment in Brno, Czech Republic. It offers oocyte and sperm donation programs and also specializes in the treatment of women who decided to become a parent at an old

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"A happy mommy" by Ellie
Submitted on: 21 Aug 2018

I wanted to write an immediate review just to make sure to share happy news, then waited until my son is a toddler and he is now:). I
really wanted to thank Reprogenesis and a kind Czech donor who wa ...

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"Recommending Reprogenesis clinic 100%" by Kat
Submitted on: 26 Sep 2017

Reprogenesis is an absolutely professional clinic providing highest quality of treatment. We had an amazing experience at the clinic
and can't say enough positive things about this place. Our ...

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"Positive egg donor result 42 yo" by Betty
Submitted on: 30 Oct 2016

We had three failed IVFs in the US and running out of money. Several factors-age, tubes,sperm. Everything was easy from day one, from
first e-mail to the very last one. We got meds through mail-as cl ...

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"Twins via donor eggs" by Kamerone
Submitted on: 6 Mar 2015

The staff were amazing, and the clinic was lovely. The process was easy and affordable. We are now the proud parents of twin girls! ...

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"Best IVF Clinic" by MV
Submitted on: 7 Dec 2014

I am 43 and my partner older. After three UK ICSI cycles, two with two good quality embryos transferred on Day 3 and one (a modified
natural cycle) with a poor quality Day 2 ET, time is not on our si ...

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"Looking forward to returning to our friends at Reprogenesis" by Adrienne
Submitted on: 28 Oct 2014

Having been diagnosed with premature menopause in my early twenties, I knew that my only option for a natural child would be via donor
egg IVF. After being married a couple of years we started resea ...

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"Fantastic experience" by A.
Submitted on: 14 Sep 2014

I researched a lot of clinics before choosing Reprogenesis. The clinic has excellent success rates, uses 5 day blasts and has embryo
monitoring and is very reasonably priced. However, our main reason ...

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"Superb service" by Toree
Submitted on: 10 Sep 2014

I was seen at Reprogenesis and travelled from Italy for treatment. Was very pleased with the communication from the get go and arrived
and was very pleased. Facility was clean and staff was amazing ...

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"Ivf" by MissM
Submitted on: 5 Sep 2014

After years of ivf in various counties, I am happy to say I am 7 weeks pregnant after ivf treatment at Reprogenisis. I was more than
happy with my treatment and support I received. I would recommend ...

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"A dream came true" by Twins mom
Submitted on: 21 Oct 2013

We were trying to conceive for some time and visited all the competent facilities in Slovenia, but weren`t satisfied with their
approach. We finally decided to look for help at Reprogenesis and it wa ...

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