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Infertility Clinic, Greece

`In IVF Athens Center, With Love, Understanding And Caring, A Full Range Of Specialist Infertility Investigations And Treatments Is Offered To Couples, Meeting The Individual Needs Of Each Couple Separately.Athens IVF State Of The Art Clinic And Laborato

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"I got what I paid for" by Effie, Athens
Submitted on: 30 Jul 2018

I and my husband had been trying to conceive for 1 ½ year. We had gone through 2 IUIs at a certain IVF clinic in Athens before but we
decided to take one last shot at IVF Athens Center. I had a 5-da ...

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"I was lucky to find them" by Anna K
Submitted on: 26 Jul 2018

I have stage 4 endometriosis, which was removed by laparoscopy when I was 29. I was trying to conceive for 2 years and before having IVF
I tried medication and injections. My first IVF cycle with egg ...

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