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Infertility Clinic, Greece

emBIO Medical Centre in Athens, Greece, was founded in 1997 and since then has offered couples a full range of specialist infertility investigations and treatments.

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"Medico Fantastico" by AnnaFer
Submitted on: 16 Apr 2017

I am 43 years old and after several homeless failures, I decided for the etherologist. 2 attempts failed in italy. Instinctively, I
turned to EMBRYO of Athens. They are phenomenal, both humanly and ...

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"Miracles really happen at EMBIO Clinic !" by Jane
Submitted on: 11 Apr 2017

After more than 12 years of dealing with the difficulties of infertility, a move to Athens, Greece and the highly positive
recommendations of people with personal experience were the reasons my husba ...

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"Best clinicbest experience " by AnnaD
Submitted on: 10 Apr 2017

Dr Paraschos is brilliant at IVF! I’m 45 and had IVF with my own eggs at Embio. That was my first try. I googled ivf clinics in
Europe, saw the profiles of all the clinics and then I chose Embio b ...

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"Excellent experience at emBIO Medical Centre" by NerNerCeci
Submitted on: 3 Apr 2017

Thank you ! Thank you ! And thank you again! Thanks a million times for helping me become a mom of a little girl for almost a year! You
are the reason to have this happiness in our daily life and I w ...

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"Amazing journey with Embio" by Tricia
Submitted on: 20 Feb 2015

Embio are fantastic!! My main reason for choosing this clinic was that Dr Thanos is a leader in preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and I
wanted to give my baby a great chance not to inherit my PCOS. ...

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"Professional clinic, couldn't do enough for you" by Lilypie
Submitted on: 23 Jan 2015

My experience at embio was great. The staff were really kind and helpful, and they showed me around the clinic so I'd feel a bit safer
after travelling there alone. It really is a very big fertility ...

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"Great Clinic - Fantastic Doctor - Triplets on the way I can't wait" by Julie Ann
Submitted on: 6 Nov 2014

We'd been considering a child for over a year, but knew at my age of then 50, no clinic in England would touch me. I searched the
Internet, and found various bits of information. Then I came acros ...

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"treatment abroad" by bubba
Submitted on: 26 Oct 2012

Excellent clinic I would highly recomment it. I was more than happy with the treatment and care I was given. I've had 4 egg donation
cycles in the UK 3 at a NHS clinic and 1 cycle at a private clin ...

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"fantastici" by mery020
Submitted on: 15 Sep 2012

Verry good clinic, i recommend it to everyone. ...

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"Mrs." by Shery
Submitted on: 8 May 2012

Excellent staff ...

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