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Garavelas Medical Group (19)
Infertility Clinic, Greece

Dr. Athanasios Garavelas is a highly experienced consultant gynaecologist and fertility expert with a specialist interest in IVF, failed IVF, recurrent implantation failure, egg donation, sperm donation, endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery and all fertility related problems. Based at IOLIFE-IASO in Athens, one of the largest and most advanced Assisted Reproduction Units in Greece, he and his team offer the highest levels of personalised fertility care at fair and affordable prices.

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"PRP procedure" by Natalia Jimenez Milner
Submitted on: 27 Apr 2020

My husband and I had been trying fertility treatments in Brussels in various clinics for a long time and Doctors in Brussels were not
very optimistic that I would be able to carry a baby after variou ...

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"Egg donation " by Ramo
Submitted on: 24 Feb 2020

A nice environment. Very prepared people, considerate of people. I recommend this clinic, and especially dr. Garavelas. An excellent
person. ...

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"Egg donation " by Sofia
Submitted on: 18 Feb 2020

We are really satisfied with the quality of the attention, care and support. We recommend it. ...

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"Very knowledgeable and professional Doctor and amazing team" by TR
Submitted on: 7 Feb 2020

Before coming to Dr. Garavelas I evaluated PRP in at least 5 different clinics and came to conclusion that Dr. GARAVELAS has the best
approach. I was very pleased to confirm that after the treatment ...

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"PRP treatment" by Ermioni
Submitted on: 28 Jan 2020

29 Jan 2020 ...

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"Amazing services " by Mariam
Submitted on: 12 Dec 2019

Amazing experience the Dr was very informative and the procedure went smoothly ...

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"PRP treatment" by Shahinaz
Submitted on: 10 Dec 2019

The treatment went good. It wasn't painful, but then again I had anastetics. After the treatment I didn't feel much pain, only very
tired from the anastetics. We had a good talk with doctor Garavela ...

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"PRP procedure" by Natalia
Submitted on: 20 Nov 2019

We are a couple living in Belgium and had various fertility treatments in Belgium with no success at all (we had a miscarriage due to a
very thin endometrium) and the Doctors in Belgium were quite pe ...

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"PRP treatment" by Rits
Submitted on: 19 Nov 2019

I struggle with infertility for 4 years. I was browsing on the internet when I saw an article about ovarian Rejuvenation that Dr
Garavelas performs, I immediately book a ticket to Greece, the treatme ...

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"Resolving problems with thin endometrium through PRP procedure" by Niko
Submitted on: 19 Nov 2019

Me and my wife are very satisfied with the treatment and the service provided by Dr Caravelas. My wife suffered from a problem with a
very thin endometrium (4-5 mm). After several months treatment he ...

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