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"Kaali Institute " by Virginia
Submitted on: 19 Apr 2019

This Institute is a very professional and well-kept place of business. My experience with Dr. Peter Kovacs was the best service I have
had from any doctors especially around this topic of infertility ...

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"Everything an Infertility couple needs" by catalina chirciu
Submitted on: 2 Aug 2017

They are a staff of angels. I will never be able to thank to Dr. Zadori Janos, the most professional, involved and kind doctor I have
ever met. ...

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"Very Good Experience" by Krenners
Submitted on: 27 Aug 2015

My husband and i have very good experience in this clinic. we are very grateful for all the attentions of Dr. kovacs. My husband and i
recommend it to the whole world. Dr. kovacs is very attentive ...

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"Another success again" by Neighbor
Submitted on: 15 Feb 2015

It is very good experience. Dr. Kovacs is very professional and friendly. He explains everything and responds to emails. The nurses are
also friendly and helpful. I recommend this clinic. ...

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"Update from Zita" by Zita
Submitted on: 10 Feb 2015

Just to let you know, my 3rd attempt was a successful implantation, but I lost the pregnancy at 3 months. So we went back for a 4th
attempt in April of 2013, and our beautiful little son just celebra ...

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"Great clinic" by Wilse
Submitted on: 15 Oct 2014

I am still awaiting the outcome of my last round of IVF, but had to let my views be known after some negative feedback about
Kaali. This is an excellent clinic that gives excellent individual care t ...

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"Result is what matters" by leblonde
Submitted on: 2 Oct 2014

Writing this because i dont want women to be destructed by some of the negative feedback. What you need to understand is that it is half
science half art. Art of the clinic professional Dr Bernard wo ...

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"Another Success " by Nikki
Submitted on: 21 Jul 2014

You will see a review from me further down, in the review I mentioned a positive result from Kaali and being back in Budapest Nov 2013
... To update we had another success here, so 2 trips and 2 gorg ...

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"very poor service, rude and unprofessional staff" by Ruth
Submitted on: 22 Jan 2014

I do not recommend this IVF CLINIC at all. They advertise to be experienced and professional. My experiences are very bad. I met only
rude staff. The most important for the clinic, is the money. The ...

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Submitted on: 13 Nov 2013

After much research we chose Kaali. Mainly for Dr Kovacs prompt and professional communication with us via several emails. After 10
years of unsuccessful attempts and 2 ectopic pregnancies I did hav ...

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