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The Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre in India was established in 1994 by Dr Anoop Gupta. This fertility clinic specialises in treatment of infertility with the sole objective of addressing all issues related to male & female infertility and childlessness. They provide comprehensive services in IUI, IVF, IVF-ICSI, assisted hatching, egg donation, embryo donation, surrogate motherhood, male infertility, natural infertility treatments, semen banking, embryo freezing, and the treatment of sexual and psychological problems.

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"A+, 100% satisfied, Excellent Staff at every level!" by r.i(h
Submitted on: 27 Jan 2013

with our first try, we became pregnant, our baby is due in April 2013! We hope to repeat our journey shortly after the birth of our
first surrogacy baby! ...

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