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Infertility Clinic, Spain

URH Garcia del Real in Madrid, Spain, brings together a team of pioneering fertility specialists who have trained in Spain, the UK, Italy and the USA. They provide a range of fertility and assisted reproduction treatments including ovarian stimulation, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilisation, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, embryo vitrification, oocyte vitrification and egg donation.

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"Excellent clinic" by Angelica
Submitted on: 13 Mar 2014

My husband and I, we turned to the clinic URH - Garcia del Real, because during the first contact they seemed very helpful and
professional. This impression was confirmed when I started the treatmen ...

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"Affordable IVF with outstanding medical team" by bronson13
Submitted on: 4 Dec 2013

After consulting with doctors in the USA for IVF treatments, we scheduled a consultation at URH in Madrid, with Doctor Sylvia
Fernandez-Shaw. From our first complimentary visit, we were extremely ple ...

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