Jinepol Womens Health & IVF Clinic

Jinepol Womens Health & IVF Clinic (17)
Infertility Clinic, Turkey

Jinepol Women s Health and IVF Clinic provide infertility and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatments in Istanbul, Turkey. They specialise in IVF, cryopreservation, in-depth diagnosis tests and many more infertility practices.

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Jinepol Womens Health & IVF Clinic Reviews

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"Best clinic I could have hoped for" by Haus
Submitted on: 27 Aug 2022

I found Dr Selims clinic after having 2 failed IVF cycles and no answers here in the UK. Out of all the clinics I spoke to in Istanbul,
there was something about Dr Selim that stood out the most. How ...

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"Jinepol is THE clinic to get IVF treatment!!" by Mina
Submitted on: 4 Aug 2022

My husband and I will forever be grateful to Dr Senoz and his team, what you have given us is beyond words. We went to Istanbul having
started our first IVF treatment in the UK in February 2022 and w ...

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"Mr" by Light
Submitted on: 31 May 2022

Me and my wife are so delighted to express our amazing experience in Jinepol center because we have not expected such a kind and keen
medical care before. Dr. Selim is so keen to treat his patients e ...

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"Very high quality and modern clinic" by S
Submitted on: 19 Mar 2022

Dr Selim helped us with the IVF treatment. By the grace of Allah I am pregnant. The service, the costs, the high standards of the clinic
and Dr Selim are brilliant. Everything is clear, re the drugs ...

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"Amazing team! " by Nura
Submitted on: 1 Feb 2022

Special thanks to Dr.Selim and his team! Dr. Selim is very talented, and he knows what he is doing. He always gives full attention
during the procedure and makes sure everything goes where it is supp ...

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"The best outcome!" by Ricardo
Submitted on: 4 Oct 2021

After almost 5 years of trying to conceive natural we went down the path of IVF. Via friends we came to know Jinepol and we inquired
about the possibilities. Last August we went to Istanbul and met ...

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"Jinepol Excellent clinic" by Ben
Submitted on: 17 Sep 2021

We strongly recommend Jinepol Clinic and Dr Selim. He is outstanding and very compétent, helpful, courteous and very kind. He responds
to all queries on Whatsap regardless of the time. He is very co ...

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"Excellent in every way!!!!" by Linda
Submitted on: 16 Jun 2021

Great clinic, I can highly recommend....I’ve just given birth to my miracle baby girl and forever will be in debt to Dr Senoz for it
???? The personal 1 2 1 approach made me choose Jinepol, Dr S ...

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"great fertility service" by olufisayo
Submitted on: 13 Jun 2021

My wife and I were exploring how to conceive while we where in Istanbul, Turkey. We visited Dr Selim for consultation. They have an
amazing front desk hospitality and personal. Dr Selim was really h ...

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"Couldnt be any happier " by Muna A
Submitted on: 30 Apr 2021

I went to the clinic after reading the good reviews. And i am happy that i did go there. I conceived after doing a frozen cycle. I would
definitely recommend Dr Senoz. ...

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