ISIDA (24)
Infertility Clinic, Ukraine

Established for over 23 years, ISIDA is the largest women s infertility and health clinic in Ukraine. The specialist clinic brings together the most advanced diagnostic and medical technology with experienced doctors to allow thousands of women to experience the joy of motherhood. They specialise in the treatment of infertility, obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics.

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ISIDA Reviews

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"I am very glad that our friend advised us to go to this clinic" by Stella
Submitted on: 7 Jun 2019

Prices for IVF programs are much lower than it was in our country. After two unsuccessful attempts the financial issue was very
important for us((( We passed all the necessary tests and successfully ...

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"Isida" by JF
Submitted on: 7 May 2019

For all who doubts - do not miss your chance! I want to thank Svitlana Shiyanova for supporting me on this hard way, and for giving me
hope! I went through all the hardships not in vain - and now I h ...

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"I’ve chosen this clinic and didn't regret" by Rosa
Submitted on: 8 Apr 2019

I considered other clinics, but success stories of the ISIDA clinic patients caught my attention. I did not regret even once that I’ve
chosen ISIDA, even though it was my first time in Ukraine and ...

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"Had an IVF treatment at isida" by Petra
Submitted on: 25 Feb 2019

I was very worried and frankly didn’t believe in success, since I had failed a number of previous attempts. To my surprise and biggest
joy, the doctors helped me to get pregnant. Pregnancy went wel ...

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"Wishing you more happy patients!" by Olga & Aleksey
Submitted on: 31 Jan 2019

We will for sure come back to ISIDA to boast a little our baby! Thanks to you, our family is now full and the happiest! ...

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"Pregnancy in ISIDA" by Sara
Submitted on: 9 Jan 2019

I am fully satisfied with everything, only best memories from the treatment and the pregnancy itself. Your team consists of real
hardworking professionals. We are thinking about another child, a daug ...

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"Good clinic, good spesialists" by L.
Submitted on: 6 Dec 2018

My husband and I were looking for a good clinic with competent specialists for a long time. Isida proved to be the place where we were
ensured that everything will be great, where we could find deter ...

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"My favourite one" by Mary
Submitted on: 22 Nov 2018

A modern clinic, knowledgeable doctors, the latest technologies. A year and a half ago I underwent an examination in Isida and was
prescribed with a treatment. The embryos turned out to be of a good ...

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"I'll become a mother!" by Svitlana
Submitted on: 31 Oct 2018

I will soon become a mother of a little girl, only 6 weeks left! Did IVF in the ISIDA clinic in Kiev. Was so worried about the result,
since I'm already 42 years old. They say that after 35 the chanc ...

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"ISIDA is the best!" by Christina
Submitted on: 27 Sep 2018

Dear Miroslava Mihajlovna, thank you for a kind heart, faith and hope for success even during completely hopeless situations! You kept
on saying: "You will definitely become parents!" We trusted you ...

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