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Medical Travel Agency, France

Medifrance Solutions are a medical tourism agency in Le Mans, France

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"Excellent French medicine!" by AlinaKuznetsova
Submitted on: 13 Jan 2017

I want to tell you about my experience of appealing to Medifrance. I wanted to make a correction of my nose, but longly couldn't decide
to do it. Thanks to my friend who convinced me and unambiguousl ...

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"I feel safe thanks to the French medical experts" by Corn56
Submitted on: 10 Nov 2016

My company offered me medical check-up in France as an annual bonus. It was a great opportunity to combine a pleasant vacation with the
useful body scanning that went very well thanks to MediFrance t ...

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"Good service, no waiting, and very supportive team" by Alex
Submitted on: 28 Oct 2016

I contacted Medifrance when I was looking for a more economic treatment of prostate cancer, and naturally I chose to search in France,
as the medicine is great there and it’s close. The Medifrance ...

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"Good service, unique results" by Kate
Submitted on: 28 Oct 2016

I always wanted to get my plastic surgery done in France and I believe the French plastic surgeons are the best! But I don’t speak the
language and I didn’t know how to choose a good doctor. Medi ...

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"I recommend it to everyone" by Alexandra Palatash
Submitted on: 27 Oct 2016

I had very serious problems with my eyes . My friends recommended contacting this company. They were able to arrange my arrival, a
consultation with my doctor, as well as the surgery within very sho ...

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"Very supportive team, good doctor" by John C
Submitted on: 27 Oct 2016

As a former athlete, I needed my knees to be cleaned, however I couldn’t wait for it to be done in the UK, so I went to France.
Medifrance Solution were able to offer me great prices and a very qui ...

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"I was very surprised" by OleseaSontse
Submitted on: 25 Oct 2016

I'm from Russia but i live in UK, after giving birth to my child i had some problems with my breast ....So I started to search a good
plastic surgeon in London but prices were very expensive. In Russ ...

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