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Medical Travel Agency, India

Indian Medguru Consultant Pvt. is a medical tourism company providing impeccable services to international patients for more than a decade. Treating different health conditions like infertility, lymphoma, leukemia, uterine fibroids, incontinence, the group has created a legacy in facilitating excellent healthcare options laced with holistic practices, at extremely affordable rates.

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"Life changing and enduring experience with Indian Med-Guru – India" by Livana
Submitted on: 29 Apr 2015

A few months ago I woke up one morning with a ferocious pain in my side. A CT scan and an ultrasound examination of my pelvic area
proved a huge benign fibroid tumour in my uterus. The thought of hav ...

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"Indian Medguru has given me a new life " by Branda
Submitted on: 29 Oct 2014

I thought that dent on my car or loosing my hair too early was the worse that could happen to me. But I had not expected becoming a
victim of body’s failures. There’s nothing worse than being tol ...

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"My worst days come into great days with Indian Medguru" by Gaone
Submitted on: 30 Sep 2014

The worst day of my life was the day I saw my report indicating growth of cancer tumors in my prostate gland, which I hadn't even known
existed. The medical facilities to treat my condition were non- ...

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