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Medical Travel Agency, Poland

Index Medica in Krakow, Poland, are a modern medical tourism company putting emphasis on the best quality of dentistry, implantology, paradontology, jaw surgery, orthodontics and correction of vision defects and treatment of cataracts. Index Media provide highly qualified medical staff, the most advanced equipment and top quality materials to ensure the most favourable conditions for top quality results. Index Medica use best quality materials imported from Germany, Switzerland and USA.

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"Cant Recommend Them Highly Enough" by Fantastic
Submitted on: 21 Nov 2018

Cant Recommend Them Highly Enough, After months of trying to get treatment in my home country i was desperate and loosing hope. Then
one email to Index Medica, they got back to me right away there w ...

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"Implants and crowns at Index Medica, Kracow." by T.K.Jones
Submitted on: 6 Jun 2018

My treatment has taken place over 18 months and involved 5 visits to Kracow all at different times of the year. Treatment is of top
professional and international standard in a well equipped clinic. ...

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"Well pleased" by Alex
Submitted on: 30 Aug 2017

I travelled to Indexmedica after visiting the UK site in Wakefield, I had extensive work done including 8 implants and 6 root canals as
well as bone strenghening, so all major work, I had a few hiccu ...

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"Would recommend but......." by deagle
Submitted on: 9 Jun 2017

My partner and I went to Indexmedica in Krakow for a clean and scale along with the beyond tooth whitening procedure. Overall the clinic
is very clean, not far from the city centre. The staff are fri ...

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"dentistry" by Happy Chappy
Submitted on: 9 Feb 2013

I spent two weeks in Krakow over Easter.The staff could not have been kinder giving me presents at Easter. The treatment was exceptional
and I have had no problems since. Krakow is a great city which ...

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"Trustworthy clinic" by Anne
Submitted on: 14 Dec 2011

Me and my sister went to Krakow this November for shopping Christmas gifts and for our first visit at Indexmedica for a free
consultation. Everybody at the clinic was helpful and welcoming, and the d ...

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"Excellent dental treatment in Krakow" by Fjellet
Submitted on: 25 Jan 2011

Just before a summer holiday in Poland in 2010, I got a toothache in a tooth. Therefore, I investigated the web if there were any
possibilities for treatment in Krakow. Then I found IndexMedica, they ...

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"Professional and reliable" by AnjinNorway
Submitted on: 17 Oct 2010

Early 2009 I got a full examination and price quotation. In order to have the best functional and ethical result I was recommende to
have new crowns on all my 28 teeth. I accepted and had my first tr ...

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Submitted on: 7 Aug 2010

I travelled to Poland in February for a consultaion and to have some minor work done. I was very impressed with the work they done and
how easy it was to arrange and how very helpful everyone was. I ...

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"gentle and painless" by rallysan
Submitted on: 8 May 2010

i have now returned from my second trip to index medica. what a beautiful city krakow is. my treatment was painless (using the wand). it
consisted of nine root canal fillings, five extractions, tooth ...

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