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Medical Travel Agency, Ukraine

Successful Parents agency in Kiev, Ukraine, was established in 2003, since when they have been providing fertility programmes including, surrogacy, egg donation and legal advice to couples from various countries including those in North America, Western Europe and Arab countries. Specialist fertility treatments include in vitro fertilisation (IVF), pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), gender selection, egg donation and embryo adoption.

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"Surrogacy" by Rocha
Submitted on: 4 Mar 2016

Somos eternamente gratos a toda a equipa da Successful Parents . We are grateful to the entire staff of Successful Parents. ...

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"My long journey" by shtem
Submitted on: 10 Jan 2012

So I had very long journey to accept the need in surrogacy! I’ve read and analyzed a lot of information about this and it was a
very difficult decision, God knows. I wanted to find the way and ...

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"Great Chance" by Grash
Submitted on: 20 Dec 2011

After many years of infertility treatment we decided to adopt embryo. It was the last hope for us. We were very nervous and worried. But
our Patient Coordinator has done everything possible to run th ...

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"only acknowledgement" by BotMart
Submitted on: 1 Dec 2011

We have contacted with this agency and were very pleased and satisfied. They really do their job there. Very attentive to every detail
and requirement. Thanks to them we have now a pregnancy of four ...

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