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"Eye lid surgery" by Atilla
Submitted on: 24 Aug 2011

You can imagine how difficult it is if you are not a french speaking person in france. Thanks to the Capio Group Hospitals that they
support expat people with english language. I had an eye surgery ...

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"Capio Group, France, Clinique de la Sauvegarde in Lyon" by katie
Submitted on: 23 Aug 2011

From my Experience surgery at Clique de la Sauvegarde was 5***** ****Communication and Follow up – Excellent**** To say just a
couple of words would not be fair on the amount of communicatio ...

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"Gastric bypass surgery in Capio Group in France (Lyon) " by Anon
Submitted on: 23 Jun 2011

I had a gastric bypass surgery in Capio Group in France (Lyon) a few weeks ago. The surgeon spoke good English, as well as the local
coordinator at the hospital. They really took care of me from the ...

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