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Private Hospital Group, Turkey

Overmedical in Istanbul, Turkey works with an experienced team of specialists to provide high quality, affordable treatment in the fields of cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, hair transplantation, cosmetic dentistry, eye health and laser eye surgery, and obesity surgery. Experienced in welcoming international patients to Turkey, they provide support every step of the treatment journey, from help with selecting the most appropriate treatment and planning travel, through to postoperative care.

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" Youngskin" by Nowrinkles
Submitted on: 15 Mar 2018

At first feeling safe Practical and competent hands with positive and smiling attitude Pleased with pre and post explanations Obvious
result with satisfaction ...

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"OVERMEDICAL" by Serkan Cetinkaya
Submitted on: 14 Mar 2018

Dr Berkay Tulpar was fantastic!! I felt like I was in safe hands from the beginning to the end of the treatment. All the staff were
amazing and the clinic had the best facilities I could have hoped f ...

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"Very lovely staff" by Female florishment
Submitted on: 9 Mar 2018

I felt perfect.They answered all my questions with a welcoming manner.The conditions of hospital are excellent. ...

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"Friendly manner" by Curly hair
Submitted on: 9 Mar 2018

The staff team was obviously professional. Giving specific answers to all my questions. The hospital was very clean And I was so
satisfied with my doctor..Thanks for everyrhing! ...

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"My hair transplant" by Halil
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2018

It was pain free and really pleasing to go through all of this. I am excited and am waiting fir the new hair to grow. I would recommend
this. ...

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"My surgery" by Gul
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2018

i am really pleased to be there, I am happy that I have gone through this surgery. I definitly would recommend others. ...

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"tummy tuck" by sweetheart
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2018

my doctor was an expert in his field and the agency was very helpful! ...

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"Tummytuck" by Daisy
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2018

No matter what i tried, i couldnt get my stomach flat. I think my skin was stretch during a surgery when I was younger and it was never
addressed. I decided to have a tummy tuck and it was just what ...

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"Excellent Operation by Overmedical" by Sarp
Submitted on: 7 Mar 2018

I had a fishbone in my throat and it was taken away by Dr Ozden Avci with an endoscopy operation successfully. I would like to thank Dr
Avci and his organisation; Overmedical. ...

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