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Evexia Rehabilitation Center (9)
Rehabilitation Clinic, Greece

The Evexia Rehabilitation Center is one of the largest and most advanced rehabilitation centres in Greece, providing treatments to help patients with a range of neurological conditions including stroke, paraplegia, Parkinson

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"Wheelchair users treatment therapy" by Naila
Submitted on: 11 Mar 2015

I suffer from Myopathy (Erb type) and I am from Kazakhstan. Five years ago I started experiencing severe muscle weakness, now I am 40
and I use a wheelchair. I consider myself to be a strong person, ...

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"Neuro Rehabilitation after surgery & coma" by Maxim
Submitted on: 10 Dec 2014

I consider it my duty to share my experience in the rehabilitation center “Evexia” with you and to tell everyone how doctors and
staff of this center helped me. It so happened that in R ...

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"Spinal cord injury - Rehabilitation" by Mohamed
Submitted on: 27 Nov 2014

I have incomplete tetraplegia -ASIA D - and before coming to the Evexia center i had problems in walking, in carrying out daily
activities, and in small muscle movements of the upper limbs. I came ...

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"My little daughter's rehabilitation" by Masha
Submitted on: 25 Nov 2014

My daughter is 2,5 years old and she has an inborn cerebral palsy (CP), that affects her speech, gait and cognitive abilities. We were
on holidays in Halkidiki of Greece, when we got to know about th ...

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"Thank you Evexia !!" by Lilian
Submitted on: 21 Nov 2014

My parents were on vacation in Greece in May, when my father had a stroke. He was immediately taken to the hospital . Many thanks to
the doctors that they took him in life. After a few days they had ...

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"My Review of Evexia" by Becks
Submitted on: 17 Nov 2014

Hello, I am 45 years old woman. Seven months ago, I have had a stroke, after that my left side was paralyzed. One of my doctors
recommended the Evexia rehabilitation center. After contacting the ...

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"Car accident injury" by Timerlan
Submitted on: 26 Oct 2014

After a car accident on 27.05.2013, i have had two operations on my spinal cord at the level T4. Then i decided to have a rehabilitation
program, at the Rehabilitation center Evexia. The treatment wa ...

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"Rehabilitation in Evexia" by Alena
Submitted on: 20 Oct 2014

I have had a car accident. After that, I had an operation on my spinal cord, at the level c5 c6. I was not able to breath physically
after the operation. Then doctors recommended, to have a rehabilit ...

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"Great Place, Great Service, Great Experience!" by Pam
Submitted on: 10 Oct 2014

Hi all, My husband is Greek from Thessaloniki and 2 years ago we faced severe problems when my father in law had a stroke. We got the
first flight to Thessaloniki to look after him.After several days ...

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