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Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center: cosmetic dentistry in India, offering a full range of dental treatments including dental implants, porcelain veneers (IPS and Emax), dental crowns (Zirconia, Procera), dental bridges, and orthodontics.

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Dr Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre Reviews

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"Very professional and patient friendly" by Sudha
Submitted on: 8 Oct 2018

I had gum problems, loose teeth and some missing teeth. Since the prognosis for remaining teeth was poor, we elected for full mouth
restoration with zirconium Implants. We found Dr. Motiwala on in ...

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"Dr. Motiwala specialist in Pterygoid implants without sinus lifts or bone graft." by Chris J
Submitted on: 18 Sep 2018

My wife and I had a complete makeover for our teeth with implants and crowns back in 2017 and are very happy with the result. I had 5
implants and then a full set of crowns; my wife had 18 implants a ...

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"My New Teeth" by Frederic
Submitted on: 7 Sep 2018

Came here after recommendation from a friend (S. Mullholand). After having a checkup with a dentist in Australia who told me it was
going to be a year procedure. I looked for other avenues. What I ...

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"Smile makeover!" by Kasey
Submitted on: 4 Sep 2018

I came to Dr.Motiwala for a smile makeover in August. The results were amazing, the Dr is a specialist in the field and has shaped my
smile for a prosperous future. I truly cannot be more grateful fo ...

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"Smile Makeover" by Stuart
Submitted on: 21 Aug 2018

I came to India for a Smile makeover due to my dentist back home telling me, I would need an implant or bridge or a missing tooth and
crowns to cover extensive fillings. In the UK, this would cost Eu ...

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"New Smile" by Thuy h
Submitted on: 10 Aug 2018

Dr. Motiwala and his staff are the greatest. I received a full mouth restoration in October 2017. It was done in 3 days with no bone
graft and no sinus lift. The results were wonderful. I’ve receiv ...

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"Fantastic results!" by Craig
Submitted on: 9 Aug 2018

I had a full arch upper and lower replacement in October 2017. Fantastic result and now, 10 months later I eat, drink and clean my teeth
as if they were my original set. My case was not easy- several ...

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"Smile Makeover" by Sharon
Submitted on: 8 Aug 2018

I made the decision to have my implants done by Dr. Motiwala in July 2018 as my husband had had full mouth restoration implants
successfully in 2015 and was very happy. I had few implants done and ...

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"Single Piece implant" by Richard
Submitted on: 8 Aug 2018

I came to India because my teeth were very worn down over the years. I am 55 years old and a smoker for many years. I researched
treatments and decided on Dr. Motiwala. Many Dentist use old t ...

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"This is my experience at Dr. Motiwala Clinic." by Guillermo
Submitted on: 8 Aug 2018

I have no words to explain how well everything went. Dr. Motiwala did extractions and implants at the same time and it was unbelievable
had no pain at all. In three days, I had all my teeth like an 1 ...

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