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Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center: cosmetic dentistry in India, offering a full range of dental treatments including dental implants, porcelain veneers (IPS and Emax), dental crowns (Zirconia, Procera), dental bridges, and orthodontics.

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"Quite simply it does exactly what it says on the tin “Making excellence standard”" by Ian
Submitted on: 15 Mar 2019

Full mouth rehabilitation (Root Canal Treatment, Ziconia Crowns & Basal dental Implants) I’m from UK where I was told that I was
not a candidate for dental implants. The prospect of dentures w ...

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"Mahesh Patel" by Mahesh
Submitted on: 8 Mar 2019

To all of those who would like to have a bright and healthy life, you start with what keeps you nourished and alive, food and water. The
place that begins the process is the mouth and teeth form a fu ...

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"1 year later your reputation goes before you!" by Anita
Submitted on: 4 Mar 2019

Your reputation Dr Motiwala was extolled by an enthusiastic patient I heard about Dr. Motiwala through Vicky a woman I met while
staying at the Radisson Blu hotel with friends in 2017. She extolled ...

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"Fantastic teeth, and a smile I forgot I had!!" by Vincent
Submitted on: 15 Feb 2019

For the past 25 years I have been wearing full set dentures, both upper and lower jaw. In the time that I have been wearing them, I have
suffered many years of discomfort and pain, not to mention the ...

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"Fantastic Outcome" by Anthony
Submitted on: 12 Feb 2019

The time finally came where I had to do something about my teeth. For years they were deteriorating because of enamel loss. I took to
the internet in search of possible solutions and almost immediat ...

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"Best move I made!" by Osman
Submitted on: 28 Jan 2019

In UK, I was debating on traditional implants or the basal implants as it would take 6 to 9 months to complete the full jaw in the
traditional one. This didn’t sound appealing to me because of the ...

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"My best health choice ever!" by Sophie
Submitted on: 25 Jan 2019

The best health choice I ever made! My entire childhood was marred by the trauma of going to the dentist. Back then, anaesthesia was
only used for major procedures, such as root canal treatment an ...

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" A very pleasant and painless Full mouth restoration in one week" by Birendra
Submitted on: 29 Dec 2018

Hello, my name is Birendra Roy and I am based in London. Recently, after doing over a year of research, I zeroed in on Dr. Motiwala to
have a full mouth reconstruction using basal implants and having ...

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"Thank GOD for an Answer,,,,," by Sue
Submitted on: 6 Dec 2018

My son (29) who was EXTREMELY skeptical of me going out of the country for surgery accompanied me to Hyderabad, India.I researched
multiple locations all over the world and kept coming back HERE. Af ...

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"It changed my life !" by William
Submitted on: 29 Nov 2018

Dr. Motiwala is my local dentist and I live in New Zealand. I would travel to another planet to have him work on my teeth. My wife and I
had immediate loaded implants and Zirconia crowns back in 2012 ...

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