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Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center: cosmetic dentistry in India, offering a full range of dental treatments including dental implants, porcelain veneers (IPS and Emax), dental crowns (Zirconia, Procera), dental bridges, and orthodontics.

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Dr Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre Reviews

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"Great new smile and confidence!" by Krysta
Submitted on: 26 Aug 2021

My name is Krysta Sabot and I am a Field Service Engineer for the Medical Device Company in the United States of America. About a year
ago I started looking into having dental implants done to correc ...

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"Feeling confident" by Mike Dufort
Submitted on: 3 Aug 2021

My wife had a similar procedure done here and we were both extremely happy with the results. I needed full mouth procedure done, too, so
I came all the way to India from Florida, USA to have it done. ...

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"Basal Implant" by Emrul
Submitted on: 15 Mar 2021

My self Mizan Rahman from Bangladesh. Syed Emrul Kayes is my nephew. He is from USA. He lost most of his front teeth and we were in
search of a dentist who could give him the fixed teeth. Later Emrul ...

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"A very big thanks to Dr. Irfan." by Dhafer A
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2021

First of all, I would like to say a very big thanks to Dr. Irfan.  I thank all the staff of Dr. Motiwala Clinic. Special thanks goes
to Ms. Tasneem who helped a lot. We really appreciated the exce ...

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"In short, Dr. Irfan Motiwala is" by P.Dhulked 
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2021

I had tooth stability issues and had sleepless nights and was wondering how to resolve the issue permanently? I came across Dr.
Motiwala’s website and gone through details and referrals. I was imp ...

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"I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala’s Clinic " by Durriya Pardiwala
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2021

I am from Bombay, India. I just completed my dental treatment using single piece basal implants followed by NexxZr zirconia bridge
with Dr. Motiwala in Hyderabad. I am extremely happy and satisfi ...

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"I was happy with my teeth (smile makeover) " by Tahani
Submitted on: 27 Feb 2021

Hi, I'm from Perth, Australia. I've come here to get my teeth done. They look amazing. A little bit about my experience when I pulled it
over. The day I landed I got picked up by a driver and they go ...

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"My heartfelt thanks to you all!" by Lynda Ward
Submitted on: 19 Jan 2021

My friend and I both wanted to get our teeth fixed but after consulting a dentist in the U.K, Poland and a visiting Hungarian cosmetic
dentist, we were not feeling encouraged with the prospect of the ...

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"Thank you to Dr. Motiwala for giving me my life back" by Andres. B
Submitted on: 19 Jan 2021

I’ve had crowns and implants done by Dr. Motiwala and his staff. I was very cautious about coming to India to get work done on me
especially being American and really not knowing what to expect, bu ...

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"Highly Recommended!" by Robyn
Submitted on: 19 Jan 2021

I am from Darwin, Australia. I needed a lot of dental work as I was missing all of my molars on the right side and the front of my teeth
were uneven, crowded, chipped and stained. I knew that the pro ...

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