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Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center: cosmetic dentistry in India, offering a full range of dental treatments including dental implants, porcelain veneers (IPS and Emax), dental crowns (Zirconia, Procera), dental bridges, and orthodontics.

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Dr Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre Reviews

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"I do highly recommend my family and friends " by Channa
Submitted on: 14 Feb 2023

I came to fix my teeth with Dr. Motiwala in Hyderabad, India After a long research, I only found Dr. Motiwala’s expertise
in his field in immediate loading and permanent teeth in 3 days ...

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" Highly Recommended - Best dental clinic in India" by Kurt
Submitted on: 9 Feb 2023

Hi, I am an IT Engineer from New Zealand. I am absolutely happy about the dental treatment I have received here in the last two weeks
at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic. For several years I have been loo ...

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"100% worth the trip" by J
Submitted on: 9 Feb 2023

For years I knew I had to do something about the poor condition of my teeth. I avoided the dentist for 10 years out of fear and also the
cost. After my first son was born I finally went in for a de ...

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"Smile Again" by Rath
Submitted on: 11 Jan 2023

My name is Georges. I have come to Dr Motiwala Dental Clinic for my treatment which is in Hyderabad, India, the treatment done here is
known as basal Implant technique. This is not the first time I a ...

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"The Doctor's knowledge is extensive and second none." by Nina
Submitted on: 30 Apr 2022

When I started this journey I researched for about two years, until I found Dr. Motiwala. I have never had good teeth and my only
real option was implants. Before I made my final decision ...

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" Highly Recommended - Best dental clinic in India" by Norman
Submitted on: 28 Apr 2022

Highly Recommended I decided to come here based on the recommendations of a previous client of Dr. Motiwala and my own research. Due
to years of smoking and some hereditary issues, my teeth were ...

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"My smile is now the best !" by Richard
Submitted on: 16 Apr 2022

I work in the oil and gas industry in United States. I came to Dr. Motiwala to get affordable dental implants in india / zirconia crowns
due to worn down teeth and impacted canines. I went to several ...

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"Quick and beautiful and nearly painless " by Yvette
Submitted on: 9 Apr 2022

Quick and beautiful and nearly painless After an extensive research I found Dr. Motiwala online. I was advised dentures and was
researching for permanent solution. Ultimately, I decided to go f ...

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"My smile is now the best !" by Steve
Submitted on: 1 Mar 2022

I was looking into getting implants on my upper and bottom jaw in Australia. The prices are very expensive. I was talking to a friend of
mine about it and he had suggested to speak to someone he knew ...

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"Smile Correction Treatment" by Prathima
Submitted on: 27 Nov 2021

My name is Prathima I am from Hyderabad now settled in UK, looking to fix my crooked and discolored front teeth but having many
confusions on how to fix them. First time I came across Motiwala's ...

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