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Right Choice Home and Away is a UK-based lifestyle surgery facilitator and patient advocacy service. They started as the outbound service called EuroMedical Tours in 2006 and have since evolved to include an intrabound service offering by the name of Right Choice UK. In 2018, both services were joined under the name of Right Choice Home and Away, a one stop solution for those seeking more affordable, yet high quality options for elective procedure either at home or abroad.

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"Great experience " by Chellebelle
Submitted on: 16 Oct 2020

Experience from start to finish was quick and efficient. Plenty of communication throughout and surgeon in Turkey was fantastic.
Transitions and transfers well organised. Hospital was 5* and hotel wa ...

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"Flawless Care and Service" by Margaret
Submitted on: 14 Sep 2020

I did a lot of research into selecting my treatment and received many various quotes and such variations about the finer details. After
speaking with Zahid at Right Choice, I was impressed with his c ...

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"Successful Otoplasty from right choice UK" by Alex WH
Submitted on: 3 Aug 2020

For several years it had bothered me that my right ear protruded far more than my left. I eventually grew tired of sticking the ear back
with cosmetic glue and decided to opt for a more permanent sol ...

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"Laurie" by Laurie
Submitted on: 13 Jun 2020

After a lot of years being self conscious with my breast’s & ALOT of research I came across Right Choice Home & Away UK and they were
perfect for what I was looking for, obviously I would stress to ...

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"Miss Sarah " by Sarah
Submitted on: 13 Apr 2020

I look absolutely amazing with my new breast and my waist, my arms never looked like this before, am so confident now with my look ...

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"Unknown " by T
Submitted on: 11 Nov 2019

Over very pleased with my results ...

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"Mrs" by Olga shah
Submitted on: 10 Nov 2019

Done the treatment with right choice, very good totally satisfied and after care and meeting with Doctor M Karaaltin was very
satisfactory. I would definitely recommend it for any treatment. ...

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"Treatment in abraod in Turkey" by Hannah Swanwick
Submitted on: 19 Sep 2019

I was hesitant to start with, about going abroad for this operation, but since the cost was reasonable and I trust Zahid Hamid/Customer
Relations and had previous operations both in the UK and abroad ...

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"Miss Sarah " by Sarah
Submitted on: 15 Sep 2019

I had the best service ever I couldn’t thanked them enough ...

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"Amazing service " by Dreamer-Doer
Submitted on: 15 Sep 2019

My experience with Right Choice has been amazing. From the first consultation right through till the post op follow up I have received
great service. I am have had a BBL and I’m loving my results s ...

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