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"Exceeded expectations " by Val
Submitted on: 9 Feb 2023

Right from the start I felt the communication from this organisation was first class. Not pushy, they give you the advice and answer
questions and give you time to make up your mind. Transfers to an ...

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"Soul-healing" by Shabana
Submitted on: 1 Nov 2009

The genuine, patient, as well as expert approach of the doctor that I was referred to at the Medical Tourist Company had a soothing,
healing, uplifting, reviving effect on my very soul, and gave me o ...

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"caring and professional" by LCUSA
Submitted on: 1 Nov 2009

I was treated like a relative or old friend who needed help by Dr. Shah at The Medical Tourist Co. He still checks on me from time to
time via telephone. He does'nt have to do this but is a genuine c ...

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"" by Chintan
Submitted on: 13 Oct 2009

Hi, I'd just like to say that The Medical Tourist Company is doing a great job for patients who need treatment abroad. The CEO, Dr. PD
Shah provides with personal counselling that validates the pati ...

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"Ablation procedure in Mumbai" by ukpicker
Submitted on: 1 Oct 2009

I needed an ablation procedure for AF and at the time there was a wait on the NHS of at least 1 year, or I could go private at
considerable cost. I found Dr Shah via the internet and having explained ...

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"Crofti's new knee" by crofti
Submitted on: 1 Oct 2009

The surgery would have been free at home in the UK, but with unacceptable risks from hospital diseases and poor post-operation care. So
I researched online, and selected The Medical Tourist Co. I had ...

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"Helpful &friendly" by harsha
Submitted on: 4 May 2009

The staff were excellent, and always willing to help. The hospital was like a 7* hotel, although there was a slight problem with
insects. The food provided in the canteen was excellent, and was very ...

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"Quality of Care" by KAPS
Submitted on: 23 Mar 2009

I was very impressed of the dental treatment that I underwent in India. This was all organised and well orchestrated by Dr. P.D. Shah,
who ensured everything went smoothly. The facilities for treatme ...

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"Caring and professional" by APBPS
Submitted on: 21 Mar 2009

High quality professional services provided. Highly rated ...

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"professional and friendly" by ashwin
Submitted on: 25 Feb 2009

Thanks to Dr P D Shah, everything went very smoothly ...

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